Whether you are a homeowner looking to create your dream home, or a commercial investor looking to upgrade your properties, remodeling your deck/patio will be a great investment. It will increase the value of the home, as well as provide a good looking and functional addition to the house.

Contractors won’t always want to build you a deck or patio, so make sure that you take the time to plan it out, and perhaps include a few other small renovations as well to make it more appealing to a professional. There are many contractors that specialize in decks, though they are often booked weeks or months in advance.

Many people find use from their patio as an outdoor extension of their home, using it as a room that’s outside. You can add furniture, lighting, and even heating elements, making a deck/patio as versatile as a covered room inside your home. Imagine having a second living room outside, with comfortable furniture and privacy. I, for one, would love to have something like that.

Some easy items you can add to bring some life into your patio are:

  1. Furniture
  2. Container plants
  3. Heating elements
  4. Stone or concrete pavers
  5. Outdoor kitchens
  6. Fire pits or fireplaces
  7. Water gardens, ponds, and water falls
  8. Foliage, grass, and plants
  9. Bird feeders
  10. Stone or marble statues.

These, along with actual physical changes (such as an increase in space or the addition of steps), can make a deck/patio more appealing and livable.

The average cost of adding a porch/deck/patio to home is $2,985 (according to the Center for Housing Studies at Harvard). If a homeowner did the job themselves, including purchasing the materials and labor, the total cost averaged $1,714. Those who hired professionals spent, on average, $4,635. Many people find the savings appealing, though you certainly shouldn’t decide to build your deck if you have no idea how!

On average, 6% of homeowners annually add a patio/deck, while 5.5% improve existing ones. These figures, though seemingly small, show that there is a large and active market, so finding resources and like minded people will be very easy. This will make looking for inspiration or design ideas simple, and you may find yourself ogling your neighbor’s deck in your search for ideas.

However, if rebuilding or replacing your patio/deck sounds too expensive or like too much work, you could try the following:

  • Repaint the wood. Worn or chipping paint looks bad, as well as making a deck look more worn than it really is. Often, a fresh coat of paint is all the doctor ordered.
  • Spice it up a bit. Add some planters with exotic flowers or foliage. This puts a nice twist on an otherwise ordinary deck.
  • Make it a new room. Instead of having cheap patio furniture and a barbecue, try adding some nice, comfortable furniture (keep the barbecue). Arrange it so that seating is attractive and comfortable.

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2007-06-08 08:32:35

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Comment by Fun Game Videos
2007-06-08 09:18:27

The best improvement to my patio is a big manly natural gas grill! :D And an outdoor fridge to store beer stock for the upcoming parties…

Comment by Jane
2007-06-08 12:29:17

I bet with the NBA finals at hand, it’s getting a lot of use!

Comment by shaun
2007-06-08 14:50:29

It’s all about the BBQ ;) . Thats the best way to enjoy summer!

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2007-06-08 23:43:42

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Comment by Angie
2007-06-11 11:41:22

Currently I live in one of those Neo-Traditional planned communities where we all have huge front porches and some of us have verandas. We all tend to make hte most of our front and back porches. Plus, this is Florida and we get paradise-like weather October through May.

I’m moving to an older neighborhood and the porches both front and back leave a lot to be desired. So, it is one of the first things I thought I might remodel. My question is, what kind of real estate value and I putting back into the property by adding nice porch areas?

Comment by Gary Lee
2007-06-13 11:16:03

Don’t forget to use your RSS Readers to help you find great deals on furniture through Craigslist . . i’ve furnished so much of my place by doing this!

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Comment by Apples-To-Apples Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-01 10:03:09

We’ve all been there! You have a home remodeling project you need completed, and you meet with various contractors to figure out how much the project will (or more importantly) should cost. But when you receive bids, the numbers are all over the map and the items included are vague at best. That’s where we come in! We sort through the confusion and put everyone on an even playing field, so you can compare your estimates

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