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Tomorrow is February 29th, and besides happening only once every four years, it also concludes a record month for me revenue/profit wise. So, instead of rambling on about how great it is to make friends in the office or how it’s important to stay energized throughout the day, I thought that perhaps today I [...]

It’s true: it’s all about relationships. And I’m not talking about the kind of endearing friendship that you might share between your spouse and yourself. I’m talking about professional, long-term business relationships. You see these kinds of relationships all the time: doctors, dentists, accountants, bankers, “your tax guy”, etc.
Truly becoming successful within [...]

Do You Stress? I do.

It has been said that the true path to inner peace is maintaining an equilibrium. That is, balancing your home life with your work life, and vice versa. All work and no play makes Cam a bad boy… and the like.
Cliches aside, there is a definite truth to the statement “a [...]

Have you ever gone to work and immediately started falling asleep when you got there?
If you have, I feel you my brothers and sisters. I feel you.
Many people “suffer” from sleeping disorders, eating disorders, or other types of conditions that prevent them from having enough energy in a day. When they will be [...]

The key to maintaining good credit is to reduce or eliminate credit card debt before it transforms from the ever-ready assistant to the overbearing spouse (hey, don’t a lot of marriages go that way?). It’s that simple, right?
Riiiight. If it really was that simple we wouldn’t have credit clinics, credit rebuilders, and the [...]

Oh my, how so many can get up in arms about something they know nothing about.
I don’t know if you have been following, but the war between Anonymous and Scientology is in full swing. Anonymous staged world-wide protests of Scientology’s churches on February 10th, to varying amounts of success. While I feel that [...]

Today I placed an offer for a website. I have a website on Ancient Greek Mythology, and while I was checking out my referral links I noticed a few keywords that were pretty good. From a webmasters point of view, good keywords are like having your steak done just right- it’s the bees [...]

I was preparing to cook myself lunch today (my girlfriends fabulous homemade hamburgers- delicious!) when the phone rang. It was my best friend, who happens to live across the country (now that I’ve moved, anyway) and she wanted to chat. So, while on the phone I began cooking my lunch. Of course, [...]