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Every office has “that” guy. You know, the guy that everybody hates for (insert reason here), or the guy that everyone ignores because (insert reason here). Regardless of the reasoning behind it, there’s certainly nothing to be gained by being “that” guy. What’s odd is that every office seems to have a [...]

The 9 to 5 can really take its toll on your physical appearance and fitness level if you aren’t careful. This fact has been proven true by the continually expanding waistline of the typical American. Despite the amount of information available about proper diet and fitness, people are still becoming more and more obese. Could [...]

As many people can tell you, looking for a job is a job in itself. Like anything, the more experience you have, the better your success. Your options are limited only by your education, experience, and business contacts. The reality is that it pays to know people (or to have people know [...]

How many times have you heard of someone applying for a job and never hearing back from the company? The job search can be a frustrating experience. You may have just graduated university, or maybe you’re trying to switch careers. Regardless, a job hunt is rarely a fun and positive experience. [...]

Your resume and cover letter provide the first impression that a prospective employer will make about you, so take the time to polish them up. Make them sound professional, yet be sure to convey a bit of your personality in the cover letter. You want to be memorable enough that the person responsible [...]

Did you know that your writing can turn into a profitable profession? If you play your cards right, your writing can lead to consulting, speaking, and coaching jobs. In theory, anyone can call themselves a freelance writer because there are no rules or qualifications for entry. It does not require a university [...]

If you are a student preparing for graduation, you might have been proactive and squared away a job for the summer. As you enter your new career you will begin to recognize that your first year is a transition stage, where you are no longer a student, but you are not quite a professional [...]

In this post, I want to write out some simple steps on how to write a resume. It is much easier than most people think, but you must approach it in an organized manner. All your thoughts must be clear in your mind or on scratch paper before you begin writing.
Here Are 7 [...]

As I mentioned last week, there is a job fair coming up to the Long Beach Convention Center and it is strictly for College of Business?students at California State University, Long Beach.? ?Since this career fair is tomorrow, I thought I would touch on a few steps a person can take to have success at [...]

Have you started the job search process? Have you had your resume looked over countless times?? Have you filled out job application after job application and no prospects have come from it?? If this is the case, you may need some help with your job application.?
I’ve recently received a few requests from our readers to [...]

Some of our readers are new professionals that have been working in their careers for about 1 to 5 years. Other readers are college students soon to begin their careers. One of the more important things to know, and know early in your career, is how to develop a business letter. You might ask, what [...]

Think about how you want to be perceived. Everything you wear says something. Depending on the situation, what you wear and how you look will vary. Consider the following:

Dress appropriately for every occasion. You wouldn’t wear shorts to a formal dinner as you wouldn’t wear a suit to the company beach party.
Daily grooming habits and [...]

When you are trying to get your business moving in the right direction, you want to make sure that you are doing all that you can.? You have to be prepared to do the business networking that is necessary for you to enhance your profits and to make your business grow into all that you [...]

I recently have gotten some great feedback on the material we’ve been producing on this site. Thank you! I also have received feedback on posting more interviewing advice. The interview is an important opportunity and is the only thing between you and the job. The good news is, they liked your [...]

If someone were to make a list of what causes you to not get a job, she/he is sure to include blunder resumes at the top. Avoiding mistakes takes one of the few steps like consulting a professional resume writer, career counselor or searching for internet resources. The list of top 10 mistakes in resumes [...]

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