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Oh how the market has taken this downtrodden turn, slowly but surely creeping property values down (and the emotions of owners with them). For an investor, this signals a great opportunity to get into the real estate market with style and increased spending power.
After all, we all know that real estate fluctuates, but there [...]

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create your dream home, or a commercial investor looking to upgrade your properties, remodeling your deck/patio will be a great investment. It will increase the value of the home, as well as provide a good looking and functional addition to the house.
Contractors won’t always want to [...]

As a follow up to our well received post on how to remodel your home the right way, we’d like to bring you 4 easy steps for a successful remodel.

Be Realistic About How Long It Will Take. Often times projects take twice as long as you originally planned.
Expect The Unexpected. Experts recommend setting aside at [...]

Is 2007 the year you have been planning to finally do your home remodeling?

If it is, remember that it is not about how much you spend, it’s how you spend it. As with any investment, you should do all the research you can before starting on a remodeling project of any size. I’ll start [...]

Have you ever wondered, “If I am shopping for a home loan, will my credit be affected each time a credit report inquiry is made?” It’s a pretty logical and intelligent question to ask; the answer is: it depends. I know, I ususally hate getting those answers also, but in actuality your credit [...]

The most important piece of advice I can give someone about remodeling projects really comes down to communicating with your contractors. In my experience of owning 2 properties that I flipped, having someone you can trust, be honest with, and not worry about getting the short end of the stick is key! Of [...]

Many of you have read A Diamond in the Rough, Part I, where I begin talkng about my experience in purchasing my first condominium. This continuation of my experience picks up by asking, “did you ever hear that you should remodel your kitchen and bathrooms for best returns on your investment?” Well I did, and [...]

Location, Location, Location!!! Isn’t that what you always hear when you are in the market to buy a house? Well, that’s what I heard when I was 24. I heard it from my parents, brothers, real estate agent and even my home mortgage broker, but did I listen, oooooh no!
I want to share my story [...]