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Banner Contest Recap

First, I would like to personally thank all the?readers that visited our site, took the poll and left comments?on the different designers and banners we had on display.? Our goal was accomplished to get our community involved through this Banner Contest.? We had the opportunity to see work from 6 different designers; some were comedy [...]

Banner Contest Winner

The final results are in?and we have a clear winner - our current banner won with 40% of the total votes.? This came as a bit of a surprise to us as we were hoping to see a new banner take over the reigns but we are still pleased with the look of our current [...]

*(Brief update at end of post.)
Our banner contest ended last night and we received a good turn out.? We have 6 entries with one of the banners being a flash design.? Below are smaller versions of the banners, so please review them (including our current banner on top) and place your vote on the right [...]

We are counting down the hour before all submissions are due for the Career Ramblings banner design contest?(see link for contest details).? Last week, we decided it was time to announce our first contest.? What better way to get our community involved, show some creativity, and provide an opportunity to give our visitors some exposure?highlighting [...]

Banner Contest Reminder

As we are winding down our Fridays and heading into the weekend, be sure to check out our Banner Contest rules and submit your entries to us by Monday, February 26.? We’ve received good feedback and interest so far; and we are looking forward to displaying all entries for our readers to judge!? Remember the [...]

We have decided to finally host our first contest.? Many blogs hold contests for many reasons.? Some of these reasons include increasing blog participation from its visitors, while others use it as a marketing scheme to attract more visitors.? While there is nothing wrong with these reasons, we are looking to do something a little [...]