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We have decided to finally host our first contest.? Many blogs hold contests for many reasons.? Some of these reasons include increasing blog participation from its visitors, while others use it as a marketing scheme to attract more visitors.? While there is nothing wrong with these reasons, we are looking to do something a little different.? This contest will be unique in that the winner will see the fruits of his or her labor on our site every time they visit.??John and I realize there are many web designers, developers, and programmers that visit us and are looking to expand their portfolio.? Today, those skills will come in handy!

The Contest

These are the parameters for this contest…

  1. Create a new banner for Career Ramblings

  2. The size of the banner will need to be 806 x 190 pixels

  3. The banner will need to reflect the look, feel and content of our site

  4. We require to be somewhere on the banner

  5. We will leave it up to the designers discretion to use their creativity to create this banner

  6. You will have until Monday, February 26, 2007?to submit your final design

  7. Submit all work via email to

  8. Contestants will?have their work on display on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 so that people can vote?on which design they like best

  9. Visitors will have 50% of the?say as to who they think should win, and John and myself will make up the other 50% of the vote

  10. Any banners submitted but not used will be kept on file.? If we use them at a later point, you will be contacted and given your proper acknowledgement

?The Winner

  1. The winner will receive credit for their work by having a permanent link on our site

  2. The winner’s site/portfolio?will be reviewed by Career Ramblings

  3. The winner will receive a cash prize or $50?

If you have any questions about this contest, please feel free to comment and we will clarify anything that needs to be addressed.? Again, I want to reiterate, that all work submitter will become property of Career Ramblings (CR), but you will be contacted if it is used and you will be given the proper recognition for your work (i.e. permanent link and source).?

A few people that I think will be great contributors and would make for great competition in this contest are…

  1. Jeff Kee or Jeff Kee Consulting

  2. Matt Coddington of Net Business Blog

  3. Allen of AlleNation

  4. Nate Whitehill of Nate Whitehill dot com

I am looking forward to having some of you guys, if not all, participate so that we can show your work on CR and get some voting on the most popular designs.? Anyone is open to enter this contest by submitting a banner with the above parameters.? We welcome all new visitors to contribute as well as returning visitors.??Being active will make for a better atmosphere here, so be sure to participate.? I’m really excited to see some great and creative work.? Good luck and I’ll post the people who have submitted work and their designs next Tuesday.?

19 thoughts on “First Contest: Banner Design

  1. It’s on like donkey kong! This is exciting! Thanks for the link, Jane! I will not disappoint!

  2. I’m riding the fence on this one because right now I’m in a creative mood and willing to participate, but as a graphic artist, the amount you’ve offered is a bit on the low side, to be honest. What you need to ask yourself is what would you be willing to pay to have a professional do this. If you decide that this contest is a way to get a banner cheap, then you’re bringing down the value of what I do for a living and that’s not cool.
    Your banner is part of your identity. If $50 is the value you place on that identity, what does that say about your business? If I participate on “spec”, what does that say about me?

    1. Dave,
      I hear your point, but we are not holding this contest to get a professionally designed banner for a cheap price. The point of the contest is to engage our community of readers and have a fun, friendly competition. In the process we want to direct traffic to good designers and that is why we will be displaying all entries with links to the designers site so that if people like their work they can pay them a visit.
      If we wanted a professional looking blog, we would contract a single designer to redo the whole site theme as well as a banner and pay them their industry rate. I hope this helps explain our objective.

    1. And HE is in!!! This is going to be a great one folks! I even received an email asking if Flash was ok. Anything if fairgame! Including flash.

  3. I hope I can find sufficient time to pull something worthy, thanks for the mention!

  4. Does it have to follow the color scheme of this site or would you change the site according to the new banner?

    1. We are looking for something to be incorporated to our current color scheme. But if you come up with a banner that will force us to change our color scheme because it’s that good, well then we might just have to

    1. You can submit anything you want, the community will vote including John and myself. Best of luck!!

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