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A Technorati Ranking is becoming a must-have for all blogs and sites that feature user generated content.? Technorati ranks these sites by the number of links and blogs that link to your particular site.?Although?Google has been using this criteria as part of it’s search engine rank formula for some time now, Technorati is still the biggest site. ?

I want to give you a quick update on our climb up the Technorati ranks and thank you, the readers and fellow bloggers, who have made this climb possible.? Technorati truly does strengthen ties in the blogging community and encourages good content because people will not link to your blog if the content is not good.? Sites like Text-Link-Ads now use Technorati ranking in determining the cost of advertising on a particular blog. went live on January 29th, although it existed under a different domain for a month prior.? For the purposes of this post, I will stick to the Jan 29th date because any links from the prior domain did not transfer to this domain when we made the switch.? In the 21 days of this blog’s life, it has gone from a beginning rank of 1.8 million to 87,000 currently.? We still have a long way to go to reach the 445th ranked blog?but this is no small feat considering that Technorati tracks 68.7 million blogs.? The reason I mention the 445th ranked blog is because his climb up Technorati has been the most amazing ascent yet.?

Mostly, Jane and I want to thank our fellow bloggers who have linked to us, especially the following:

  • Our online friend, Jeff Kee.? His blog is worth a read – he updates often with interesting content. Pay him a visit and check out Jane’s Picture!
  • Live Learn Invest.
  • A site out of the UK with insite into the value of a degree.
  • Matt Coddington, for his Movers and Shakers interview.
  • Random Bytes for giving us a permanent link to his site.
  • John Chow for showing some community love.
  • J.R. for his top blogger roll call. Again, if you missed Jane’s picture on Jeff’s site, check it out with J.R., she may be popular.
  • Common Sense PR for his use of our Online Reputation post.
  • Musings and Somesuch… for their citation of Balance of Work and Home.
  • Greg for showcasing our Secret of Success post.

Blog carnivals have also showed us love.? Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Debt Consolidation Lowdown.
  • Don’t Mess With Taxes.
  • Career Intensity’s regain your balance.
  • The Brain for their Carnival citing The Informational Interview.
  • Carnival of Management Tips

Thank you all who have cited and linked us to their websites. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have gotten as many people coming to our site as we do today. You all provided valuable information and helped us get to where we are. If you link to one of our posts or have given us a permanent link on your site, you might just be seeing your name and website with us in a similar post. You never know, stranger things have happened :-)

16 thoughts on “Climbing Technorati

  1. Woo hoo!!!! I’m #1 on this list!!!
    Thanks Jane/Anthony!!!
    You’ll realize that with just a few links you’ll easily make your ways up. It’s very easy to jump from the very low ranks.
    I went from 2.4 Million to within 150,000 within a month on technorati.. it just takes more links here and there, readership etc.

    1. Jeff,
      Everyone in this list was listed in random order. But like you said, on this list, you came up as the first Links really do make a difference in ranking. We’ll probably use some of Chow’s evil ways and start holding a contest or two increasing our Technorati ranking some more. Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for the back-link, I was beginning to think you had forgotten
    You seem to be making good progress in terms of technorati links, how are you getting on with Google??

    1. Jez,
      No problem! It was well overdue. Technorati has been good to us, Google on the other hand has yet to update their Page Rank on us. Does anyone know hoe often Google updates their Page Rank?
      On our old site, we were a PR of 3. We should be above that with CR.
      Thanks again Jez.

  3. I have no idea…
    My page rank is none too, haven’t been set yet. But, when I used this Pagerank predictor tool, it gave me 4… we’ll see. I’ll be happy with just a 3!!

  4. I think PR is updated very 3 months. The current update started around Christmas and is almost finished.

      1. Speaking of linkbacks, I noticed that you guys have the nonfollow attribute in your Top Commentators area in the sidebar. I don’t use it as a reward to my commentator:
        Reach the top ten and get a free linkback! It could help generate more comments on your site, which means more traffic and a higher rank!
        Just a helpful suggestion from one blogger to another!

  5. Hi . . . congrats on the great site! Is it me or has John distributed his theme cuz this site looks awfully familar! Well, wish you nothing but the best and you are now on my RSS Reader, so I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    1. This is John’s theme! It’s MistyLook by Sadish Bala.
      And yes, it’s very popular! It was my theme too before my current one!

  6. Nice of you to do a thank-you post, I’d like to see that more often around the blogosphere.
    It’s true that Technorati scours over 60 million blogs but when I claimed my blog for the first time, it started around 2,600 000. I’m still pre-launch, have done no publicity whatsoever, and I’ve already climbed to 757,166. The going is easy at first, which is understandable.
    Good luck with the climb – I can see that you’re already at 19 514. One suggestion – ask people to help! Whether by linking to you or adding the blog as a Technorati fave, it’s all good

  7. I didn’t realize it was a nonfollow attribute in our Top Commentators plugin. We want to encourage participation and reward those that do with a linkback. Anyone want to help us with fixing this???

    1. Looks like you got it handled, now it’s time to spam the hell out of your site!
      Just kidding!
      (Comments wont nest below this level)

      Comment by Jane

      2007-03-01 15:44:32

      Yeah, it took a minute, but thanks to Jeff, he was very helpful with the php coding. Thanks!
      And by all means, spam away


  8. Both Bing and Google seem to ignore linkbacks from many blog style sites to a main site nowadays. I think that technorati probably gives the best information about how many actual links you have from blogs and social sites. In my own personal view I have noticed that I get many strange links from Kaboodle and other social network sites that I have not even posted anything to and can’t find a valid link. What that is all about I am not sure? But on the whole I look forward to discovering of I ever do what is the best link for what.

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