CareerRamblings In March Madness Tourney


Yesterday we were made aware of a funny and friendly competition between bloggers in an NCAA March Madness type of bracket set-up held by Derrich.? Career Ramblings was the number 7 seed playing against the 2nd seed and one of my favorite?blogs,?Steve Pavlina.? Thanks to your votes, we pulled off the upset!

Round two is today and we are matched up against the 3rd seed and the root of all evil, John Chow.? John is currently holding a competition for a brand new Nintendo Wii in association with 1234pens dot com who make promotional pens.?

Be sure to go to the bloggers tournament page and vote for Career Ramblings!? You can click here to go directly to the voting page.

16 thoughts on “CareerRamblings In March Madness Tourney

  1. I don’t understand why similar ranked blogs aren’t pitted against each other?
    Anyway, I voted for you guys!

    1. You better watch out, Saman. You’re next. This is the common ranking system #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7…and so on. If you’re referring to blog content similarity…then, yeah, I sorta threw some blogs in the mix so to speak. They do have one thing in common: I read them all.

  2. Thanks Saman! Yeah, not sure…I think he just matched some of the blogs that he closely follows or he thinks are popular. I’m really glad to see we were in that great list!

    1. Seriously. This is the year of the underdog. Last I checked, both CR and PROPSTM were winning.

  3. Well, now that we made it to the finals, we’ll see how it turns out. I think PROMPSTM might take us out because he wrote another post about it. But we’ll see.

  4. It is very mush appreciated derrich. This was a great idea and you should be commended for it. I commend you

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