Google Answers Your Text Messages


Who doesn’t love Google? They have grown at an astonishing pace and have developed technology that has enriched our lives by bringing millions of pieces of information to our fingertips. Besides adding Google Mobile features which have helped me several times recently, they now answer our text messages! Does it get any better than that? Everyone communicates via texts these days so let me run you through how to get answers from Google via text messaging (SMS) them.

Text message your search query to 46645 which spells GOOGL on most devices and they will text you back almost immediately with the answer. You can find weather, movie schedules, local addresses, sports scores, glossary, directions, Q&A, Froogle, etc etc etc. Google is one of the most innovative and creative companies of the new century.

Some examples of how to text Google:

Movie Schedule: “Borat 90025″

Weather: “Weather 94116″

Local Listing: “Pizza 90210″

Calculator: “50 divided by 2″

Glossary: “Define syncretic”

Currency conversion: “25 USD in Euro”

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