Dr Jabi Shriki

Dr. Jabi Shriki on The Impact of 3D Printing in Radiology and Medical Imaging

The integration of 3D printing technology into radiology and medical imaging marks a significant leap forward in personalized medicine, surgical planning, and patient care. This innovative approach, often referred to as additive manufacturing, transforms two-dimensional images into tangible three-dimensional models. Dr Jabi Shriki believes the implications of this technology are vast, offering unprecedented opportunities for […]

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Morris Oiring of New York

Morris Oiring Explores Innovating Patient Safety Measures: A Comprehensive Review of Cutting-Edge Practices and Technologies

In the realm of healthcare, patient safety stands as a paramount concern, necessitating continuous innovation and the adoption of advanced practices and technologies. The journey towards enhancing patient safety is multifaceted, necessitating the integration of digital solutions, rigorous training programs, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Morris Oiring of New York, a distinguished leader in the […]

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