HR Trends

The Changing Landscape of Labor Costs, Unemployment, Mental Health, and Disability Accommodations

As the economy, business practices, and global current events develop over time, significant changes in workplaces worldwide are unavoidable. Whether you’re an entry-level employee, a business owner, or a CEO, these developing situations in human resources are likely to have some effect on your experience at work. As such, it’s essential to keep abreast of […]

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In my previous posting, I wrote about Virtual PO Boxes. Another similar handy service I use for my own business is a lockbox, which is something my bank offers. It is basically a PO Box I use just for checks that are mailed to me, like for affiliate payments or invoice payments. I get over […]

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“Sam’s Pizza Place”

Let’s try something a bit different and look at a scenario. Sam, the owner of a small independently owned pizzeria, developed a new low-fat pizza targeted to health conscious women. Three months after launching the new pizza he observed that the pizza was extremely popular among younger women but not in his intended target market. […]

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