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When you are writing up your resume it can become quite tempting to really embellish your previous experience, accomplishments, and achievements. You really should avoid doing so, as even if you don’t get the job, it can raise expectations for performance and capability, and you may find that you are unable to deliver.
That’s not the [...]

Have you ever wondered where your resume went after you submitted it (either online or in person)? The most obvious answer is that it is given to someone who is in charge of hiring, and then from there it was perhaps passed on to a higher authority, but it likely ended with the first person, [...]

The professional world is torn between whether or not your resume should have an objective statement. Many feel that an objective, when written correctly, adds a sense of personality and purpose to your resume. However, it is universally agreed that an objective statement that has been myopically written dos not add anything to the resume, [...]

When you are looking for a job there are three opportunities that you have to get yourself noticed: the moment you drop off your resume, your cover letter, and your resume itself. Many people focus quite heavily on perfecting their resume or interview skills, yet their cover letters are unprofessional and rushed. Care to guess [...]

Let me ask you a question: if you were the hiring manager for a large software company, would you call someone whose main job experience was in the hospitality industry? Of course not, so why would you expect them to hire you if your resume is completely unrelated?
Customizing your resume to meet the positions requirements [...]

As the summer is now upon us I have been doing many Resume Makeovers. This Makeover service is intended to show our readers how to write a professional resume. From the amount of resumes John and I receive each month, I thought it would be a great time to post one of the resumes [...]

As I mentioned a couple of days ago on Introducing Resume Makeovers, we will be selecting a resume to critique on our site. This featured service is intended to show our readers how to write a resume. From the amount of resumes John and I have received in the past month, we thought it would [...]

Many of you may have read our Resume Makeover post where I give you a brief summary of what we’re introducing to Career Ramblings dot com. That post was also an introduction and thank you to all of our sponsors and top commentators. I thought I would give you a more in depth explanation of [...]