Steve Wentzel on Safeguarding African Wildlife and Preserving Biodiversity in the Savannah

Stephen Wentzel is an entrepreneur who established numerous startups. Most notably, Stephen founded the largest distributor in three Southern African countries specializing in security printing and electronic voucher distribution. His entrepreneurial experience extends into online finance with the launch of EBC, a platform offering diverse financial services, including Peer-to-Peer Lending. Steve Wentzel also holds interests […]

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Dr. Hamid Alam of Jericho New York

Dr. Hamid Alam of Jericho, New York Discusses Considerations for Pediatric Radiology

Dr. Hamid Alam of Jericho, New York is a Board-Certified Diagnostic Radiologist who attended Medical School at Sylhet Mag Osmani Medical College. In the following article, Dr. Hamid Alam discusses pediatric patient imaging within the realm of tiny hearts, growing bones, and developing brains, as well as how radiologists navigate this path that requires exceptional […]

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Yacin Zawam Northwest Arkansas

Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas Discusses the Importance of Physical and Mental Health in Medical School

Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas is a recent medical school graduate from the University of Toledo. Amidst the academic pressure, it’s easy for aspiring doctors to neglect their physical and mental health among the rigorous workload med school requires. However, for a student doctor, neglecting personal health can lead to burnout, decreased academic performance, and […]

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Samantha Foss Discusses the Use of AI Technology in Schools – Why Not All Establishments are Embracing it

Samantha Foss is a tech-sector entrepreneur who contributes to online publications on industry related news. In the following article, Samantha Foss discusses what is to be gained, and what may be lost, through the introduction of AI in schools. With the rise of technological advancements in AI, it seems as though more and more schools […]

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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star…

How I wonder who you are? Do you ever think back to your high-school or college days and wonder what all your friends (and enemies) are up to? Applications like Facebook, Classemates, and MySpace have certainly made it easy to recreate old connections and bridge gaps that have been created between former friends, but there’s […]

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