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Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ Reports that the Local Real Estate Market Is Still Hot

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Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ is a lifelong resident and realtor in the area. In the following article, Scott Lieberman discusses why the housing market in Bergenfield is growing, especially for young professionals.

People are always on the move, whether they are relocating to be closer to family, for a job, or to try a different lifestyle, choosing a city that works best for them is essential.

The Bergenfield, NJ real estate market is still going strong. As a suburban area, the most popular type of home is a standard, detached home. At any given point, there are between 10 and 30 homes available in this area. Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ reports that the area is a desirable place to live for many reasons: it is family-friendly, has an extremely low crime rate, and boasts an enviable cost of living.

Scott Lieberman on Market Trends

Residential market trends can be an excellent indication of the real estate integrity of a city. In Bergenfield, NJ, the market hasn’t slowed down.

Most In-Demand Homes

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ says that the most in-demand home type in Bergenfield is a fully detached single-family house. Families are buying these houses quite regularly as they move to Bergenfield from various cities all across the country.

Houses on the Market

The current homes for sale in Bergenfield are predominantly 3- and 4-bedroom homes, and this trend has stayed consistent over previous years.

The time a house spends on the market has decreased by sixty percent over the last year to an average of around 45 days, and home value has gone up by more than eleven percent in that same time frame.

As of April 2023, there were 27 homes available up from 12 in March of the previous year. Now is the time to buy according to Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ.

Benefits of Living in Bergenfield, NJ

Scott Lieberman explains that when all factors are considered, Bergenfield’s livability score is higher than the national average. In addition to many family-friendly amenities and essentials, this area is also low in crime and offers quite a reasonable cost of living.


The area is dominated by young family units, and there are many reasons why. Adults tend to average around 40 years old, and the average family size is 2 parents with 1-2 kids. Family units will fit right in with their neighbors and the rest of the community.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ reports that the school district is highly desirable as well. There is a wide selection of elementary and middle schools, in addition to the highly rated Bergenfield High School. No matter the age of a child, they will receive an excellent education in Bergenfield. High graduation rates, an acceptable student-to-teacher ratio, and a diverse range of programs are among the highlights.

The job market is also highly desirable and a great benefit for the adults moving to the area. There are many jobs available across every sector of industry, and commutes to other more populated areas will not be a hassle.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield NJ

Low Crime Rate

This area is considered one of the safest places to live in the entire country. Property crime is more likely than violent crime, but both are still far below the national average by a difference of 85%. Anyone hoping to raise a family or settle down for the long haul would be wise to choose the Bergenfield area according to Scott Lieberman.

Low Cost of Living Relative to Income

When the ratio of income to cost of living is considered in Bergenfield, the results are positive. Nearly half of the population in the locality makes between $75,000 and $200,000 each year; this may have something to do with the fact that 68% of Bergenfield residents have at least a college education, if not more advanced degrees.

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ says that the cost of living here may be a bit higher than the national average, but it is more than reasonable and affordable for the majority of the population. This ensures families are easily able to afford their homes and essentials like food, transportation, lifestyle-improving activities, and products.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bergenfield, NJ remains a highly desirable place to live. With its current market trends, now is a great time for buyers to get into its real estate market; there is a diverse selection of family-style homes available, and they will continue to rise in value as time goes on.

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