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Scheduled filler

I continued to apply at various positions every day, and it was now at the point where I applied for any position that I could do: fast food, property maintenance, accounting, restaurant, etc. You name it and they probably had my resume. My depression degraded into a complete self-loathing, but what I was [...]

Hey everyone, This is the first series of post that will introduce internet marketing and how it’s possible to create a reliable, well balanced business out of selling products online.
The basis of Afiliate marketing is you are producing traffic, and then getting that traffic to convert on a specified niche. So if the product you [...]

The last point I’d like to address is that business is hard. Yes, the monetary and personal rewards can be immense, but neither of those things come for free or come without hard work and a serious commitment to the job of making the business grow and expand. Many people view their business [...]

What baffles me the most about a lot of business owners is how little thought they seem to put into their projects, yet many of them experience great success with their businesses. I’ve seen millionaires make multi-million dollar deals over a three minute cell phone call, pitched (and sold) website creatives to massive web [...]

Many people have said that business owners don’t think like regular people. I’d hate to say it, but I’m going to have to agree on this one. People who set up and maintain profitable businesses are thinking in such a way that far exceeds the typical “employee” mindset. After all, managing a [...]

Virtual PO Box

I was looking to get a PO Box last week for one of my businesses, and I found an even better service that might interest anybody with a home business. A PO Box works well, but if you move later in life then you need to deal with changing your PO Box address. Plus, you [...]

You want to get rich, right? Of course you do, and you know what, I want you to get rich! In business, money and profits is the name of the game. Other things, such as ethics or social responsibility, come second to the almighty dollar. Alright, all jokes aside, I want [...]

Everyone dreams of starting up the multi-million dollar business that they can run from anywhere in the world: their car, their hotel room, and yes, their home. Don’t shake your head and act as if you haven’t thought about how great it would be to get up and work in your underwear because we [...]

I work from home. Every day I wake up, take a shower, and get dressed in the same way that I would if I were going to an office, but the reality is that I then wander over to my home office, put on a cup of coffee, and sit in front of the [...]

That’s a good question, don’t you think? A lot of home business owners focus on building a reputation and generating referral business, yet many people don’t even realize the benefits of marketing to their target market. Referral business is great, and free advertising always has the best return on investment ratio, but [...]

A lot of people are going to launch their own home based business this year, and the vast majority of them are going to fail miserably at it. For one reason or another people fail sometimes at what they attempt. Trust me, I know- my home based businesses failed numerous times before I [...]

Today I’m going to finish up the story I began last friday. If you haven’t read that read you can do so here: Part One
I continued to apply at various positions every day, and it was now at the point where I applied for any position that I could do: fast food, property maintenance, accounting, [...]

My name is Josh, and in a minute I’m going to start telling you a story about how my life was saved from financial ruin by one smart decision that I made. Before I tell it, however, I want you to know a bit about me.
I’ve an average guy, and I have spent most of [...]

I did it. For the first time in my life I have managed to include two words together in the same sentence that no one would ever dream of doing: multilevel and profitable. You can close your mouth, though I’m sure your alarm and sheer surprise at my former statement are well deserved, but please, [...]

Working From Home

No matter how big my company gets (see more info about the 400+ sites I own, such as Bored.com, in my previous posting), I will never work in an office. I love working from home. No commute, no dressing up, no meetings. I started my company 12 years ago in my house in Massachusetts, [...]