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I was looking to get a PO Box last week for one of my businesses, and I found an even better service that might interest anybody with a home business. A PO Box works well, but if you move later in life then you need to deal with changing your PO Box address. Plus, you need to take time to go get the mail from the PO Box every few days. solves all of this. They give you a PO Box address, and scan all your mail onto the Web for you so you can read it online. You can then choose to have each piece of mail forwarded to you or thrown out (or shredded). You can even choose to get a street address instead of a PO Box, which is handy for getting Fedex type mail or for filling out forms that don’t allow you to use a PO Box. All of this for $14.95/month.

I signed up for 2 of their boxes, but won’t start using them for a few weeks. But, I did login to their systema and so far it looks good.

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  1. Interesting concept. This is great for people that want to follow the “4 Hour Work Week” way of living and run a business from any location. It seems like it would save a lot of the hassle of having a friend monitor your mail.

    1. I did not get paid anything for that review, or get anything in exchange. I just wanted to write about a service I personally was using that I thought other people might be interested in.

  2. Interesting. But isn’t it a federal offense for someone to open mail other than the intended recipient? Even if not, it kinda makes me nervous. Maybe I’m just getting old now.

    1. I had to fill out a form from the Post Office and have it notarized to have earthclassmail handle my mail for me.

  3. I am present not in States I have a job here in South Africa & UK for 2years but I would like to have a virtual address or to recive parcels and mails for me, and also if it is necessary i would like some mails or parcels sent to me , any good suggestion please!

  4. Looks like exactly what I need. Guess my only concern is the parcel service, b/c I’d have to drive to the nearest location to get my package. Or can I just pay a bit extra to have it forwarded?

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