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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, despite all of the posts that I’ve made about post-secondary education and it’s benefits (and sometimes, lack of), I’ve bit the bullet and registered for classes. Not regular classes, as I’ll never do that again, but continuing education classes. Now, before you go “what the hell is [...]

Does anyone else see a problem here? What ever happened to encouraging people to innovate, try new things, and create jobs? The mantra for the educational system revolves around finding people good jobs- what about those people creating jobs for themselves?
Perhaps I’m one of the last of a dying breed (though the general [...]

The modern job market is competitive, and for that reason many students (including high school students) are basing their education around a particular job that they want, discounting their long term career goals. This seems to be a bit of the opposite goal of post-secondary education (whatever happened to self growth and discovery?), but [...]

How many times have you heard of someone applying for a job and never hearing back from the company? The job search can be a frustrating experience. You may have just graduated university, or maybe you’re trying to switch careers. Regardless, a job hunt is rarely a fun and positive experience. [...]

If you are a student preparing for graduation, you might have been proactive and squared away a job for the summer. As you enter your new career you will begin to recognize that your first year is a transition stage, where you are no longer a student, but you are not quite a professional [...]

Once you get the job interview for that positon you are pursuing, it’s your time to shine. The preparation that needs to be put into preparing for that interview can feel almost like a second job. That’s how much research, practice and reflection should go into each poistion you apply and interview for. [...]

If you are like most of the college population in America, you will be graduating, or have graduated, with a significant amount of money to pay back to the fed. I’ve been out of school for a quite a while now and I am still paying back my school loans. Student debt is rising every [...]

It is very important for students to gain “real world” work experience before seeking a full-time career. Books, research and informational interviews are great for understanding the basics of a particular industry. But the reality is, it’s hard to really know how well you’ll take to a specific career field without actually experiencing it.
Work experience [...]

As I mentioned last week, there is a job fair coming up to the Long Beach Convention Center and it is strictly for College of Business?students at California State University, Long Beach.? ?Since this career fair is tomorrow, I thought I would touch on a few steps a person can take to have success at [...]

Some of our readers are new professionals that have been working in their careers for about 1 to 5 years. Other readers are college students soon to begin their careers. One of the more important things to know, and know early in your career, is how to develop a business letter. You might ask, what [...]

Your Online Reputation

As the world wide web connects people all accross the globe, information is becoming more readily accessible. At a time where 411 information phone calls and yellow pages have become obsolete, the internet has become the new source of information. It has gotten to the point of being able to look someone up [...]

Student loans are beginning to be more and more of a business for companies. The low interest rates (although they aren’t as low as they were 3 years ago) and the accessibility of the loans have made them a lucrative option for students. Many students see these loans as a better option than [...]

This has been a day of firsts for me. We finally got our new site up and running with the same great content and much more to come. But today was also the first day I taught a college level course. The course is called Business Communications, which is a core course [...]