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Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction

Anton Kalafati Discuss the Use of New and Sustainable Construction Materials

Anton Kalafati is the majority owner and operator of B Side Construction in San Francisco, with decades of experience in the field. As a second-generation contractor, Anton Kalafati, in his leadership role is responsible for managing projects, negotiating contracts and employee management. B Side construction team has completed various note-worthy renovations such as the CSU […]

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Alex Meskouris

Alex Meskouris Discusses the Regulations of Property Management Companies in New York

Alex Meskouris is the owner and operator of AMPM Property Group, the fastest growing property management company in Manhattan, New York. At AMPM, the focus is on client satisfaction and asset protection. In the following article, Alex Meskouris discusses the regulations of property management companies in New York, and how these regulations help protect renters, […]

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Chris Vitale

Chris Vitale On Training Effectively

Chris Vitale understands that most dealerships have some form of training schedule in place. However, training schedules are a lot like gym memberships. Just because a dealership has one, doesn’t mean it’s used as often or as effectively as it should be. The gym is a place where you truly only get what you put […]

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