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Danny Young of Adel, GA

Danny Young of Adel, GA on the Various Strategies for Building a Diversified Portfolio

Danny Young of Adel, Georgia is a seasoned wealth financial service provider with an impressive track record spanning over four decades. With his array of skills and experience, Danny Young is dedicated to helping retirees navigate the complexities of financial planning. In the following article, Danny Young discusses the most successful ways to build wealth […]

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Yacin Zawam Northwest Arkansas

Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas Discusses the Importance of Physical and Mental Health in Medical School

Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas is a recent medical school graduate from the University of Toledo. Amidst the academic pressure, it’s easy for aspiring doctors to neglect their physical and mental health among the rigorous workload med school requires. However, for a student doctor, neglecting personal health can lead to burnout, decreased academic performance, and […]

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Naomi Soldon

Naomi Soldon Discusses Changing Labor Laws, Regulations and Employer Responsibility

Naomi Soldon works as an attorney with a focus on subrogation, employee benefits, labor, and employment law. In the following article, Naomi Soldon discusses how failing to comply with these new regulations can result in legal and financial consequences and damage a company’s reputation. Employers must keep track of an overwhelming number of legal regulations […]

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MedRehab Alliance

John R. Callen of MedRehab Alliance Explains the Role of Occupational Therapy in Improving Independence

John R. Callen is the CEO of MedRehab Alliance, LLC., a therapy advisory, consulting, and management company specializing in the supervision of therapy services within numerous in-patient and out-patient facilities. In the following article, John R. Callen discusses the many ways occupational therapy helps to improve independence in the lives of patients. Occupational therapy (OT) […]

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Carolyn Blacklock

Carolyn Blacklock Provides a Comparative Analysis of Growth and Development in Northern Australia

Carolyn Blacklock has lived and worked throughout Asia Pacific for over 20 years and lived in PNG for the past 10 years. During this time, Ms. Blacklock has worked with the World Bank Group, various governments, and within the private sector to implement large-scale infrastructure and development programs that deliver sustainable socio-economic reform. In the […]

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