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Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls Discusses How Businesses Are Giving Back Through Community Partnerships

Andrew Ticknor of Sioux Falls is a community leader and activist who often leads philanthropic endeavors for his local community. In the following article, Andrew Ticknor unveils the profound impact that businesses can have through meaningful community partnerships. Did you know that businesses can make a substantial, positive impact in their community while also reaping […]

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Edward Burant Cleveland

Edward Burant Discusses How Automation and AI are Revolutionizing Logistics Services

Edward Burant of Cleveland has worked in logistics for over 30 years. As a logistics consultant, he assists businesses on reducing their shipping costs, fuel tax reporting, maintenance, repairs, and fuel programs. In the following article, Edward Burant discusses the role of technology in third party logistics, and how automation is revolutionizing the industry. In […]

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James Huniford

James Huniford Discusses Mixing Vintage and Contemporary Elements for Timeless Interiors

James Huniford is the owner of Huniford Design Studio, which offers a luxury line of home furnishings with bespoke pieces and character that will accentuate any living space. In the following article, James Huniford provides a look into his design philosophy, uncovering the secrets behind his ability to visually harmonize both the past and present. […]

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ABC Refinery

ABC Refinery – Working Towards Greener Gold

While the rest of the precious metals refining industry moves towards more ESG-centric policies, ABC Refinery has led the move towards ‘greener’ gold with substantial action for some time. That should come as no surprise. ABC Refinery – Australasia’s largest independent precious metal refinery – is part of the Pallion Group, for whom provenance and […]

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Kenny Natiss

Kenny Natiss Explains Zero Trust Security and Redefining Network Perimeters

In an era where cybersecurity breaches loom as a constant threat, traditional network parameters no longer suffice in safeguarding sensitive information. Enter Zero Trust Security, a paradigm shift in cybersecurity strategy, championed by experts like Kenny Natiss. This innovative approach challenges the conventional notion of trust within networks, requiring strict verification for every user and […]

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