Andreas Bisbikos of Colchester, Connecticut

Andreas Bisbikos of Colchester Connecticut Discusses Managing Finances and Maintaining Low Taxes

Andreas Bisbikos from Colchester, Connecticut is an educator and has served as the Former First Selectman of the town. With expertise in municipal finance and local government, Andreas Bisbikos contributes to several publications on the topic of fiscal responsibility. In the following article, Andreas Bisbikos of Colchester, Connecticut discusses how meticulous financial management practices employed […]

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Clayton K Shum

Clayton K. Shum Discusses the Art of Tax Harvesting and Roth Conversion Strategies

Clayton K. Shum, a Certified Financial Planner, has been assisting individuals and families in the Bay Area with significant financial choices since 2001. Specializing in retirement planning, Clayton caters primarily to retirees and those nearing retirement age. His clientele is particularly interested in both income planning and effective strategies for transferring wealth to family members […]

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Edward Andrew Karpus

Edward Andrew Karpus on Maximizing Deductions: Uncommon Tax Breaks You Might Be Missing

In the labyrinthine world of tax codes and regulations, it’s easy for taxpayers to overlook potential deductions that could significantly lower their tax liability. While many are familiar with common deductions like mortgage interest and charitable contributions, Edward Andrew Karpus notes several lesser-known tax breaks often go unclaimed. This post from Edward Andrew Karpus explores […]

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Do Your Taxes Today!

The April 17th deadline is fast approaching and your taxes will be due. Most people dread this deadline but I have found it very easy to overcome. Just create 1 folder and label it 2006 Taxes and as your 1099’s come in the mail just put them in this folder until you’re ready to go […]

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