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Review Our Blog - Round 9

Here we are again with another review our blog update. Round 9 brought in some much appreciated reviews.
The new reviews in round 9 came from the following sites:

TVB Drama Fan
Black Rock
Personal Thailand
Workout Review
Web Directory
Adsense News
Solid Web

The reviews have been coming in lower numbers than in the past, but that doesn’t make us appreciate them any [...]

Review Our Blog- Round 8

CareerRamblings may have changed hands, but we’re continuing the review our blog promotion. Round 8 brought in some much appreciated reviews.
The new reviews in round 8 came from the following sites:

Xbrain - What inspired you
Google and Me
Blogging It For Cash
Job interview questions
Abhishek Kumar
Andre Santos
Jane May Blogs
Tax Rebates

This round we saw both high and low quality [...]

Review Our Blog Update

Jane and I have received a lot of excellent reviews as part of our review our blog series. With no recent promotion, we have received 16 new reviews.

Business, Money and Tax Help
Blogging Demos
Online Income Resources
Ngadutrafik 2007
Ace Hutton
Old Things
Project Agloco
Job Mob
Sha Money Maker dot com
Get Noticed First
Heaven’s Blog
Viva Vava
Job Interview Q&A
Health and Fitness

I must say the [...]

We all know the importance of backing up your computer or major data files you don’t want to lose. I recently had an experience with my laptop that could have used the services that Backup Platinum provides. Let me give you a little description of what Backup Platinum is:

Backup Platinum makes a reserve [...]

Review Our Blog- Round 6

As we keep offering links to people for reviewing our site, we keep getting submissions. Actually we are just about done with Round 8 so let’s catch up a bit
We have Round 6 of Review Our Blog on our hands now. These 5 new reviews are from:

Earn Online Money
Personal Development Blog
Reality Wired
Wedding [...]

As you may have heard or even experienced first hand, the amount of debt people are coming out of college with continues to increase. There is a lot of information out there such as one recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics that shows over 50% of all college students are coming [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 5

It’s time for Round 5 of Review Our Blog. We have 5 new reviews:

Idea Sellers
Self Hypnosis Program
Link Rambler

Although we appreciate all reviews, we also have to comment on their quality. This set of reviews has been the lowest quality we have received so far, although that is because the first 4 rounds set such a [...]

There is a lot that can be learned from the Online DVD Rental Service battle that has been going on for the last several years between Netflix and Blockbuster. Netflix was the first to introduce its service in 1999 and has worked their way up to having a DVD library of over 70,000 titles. Just [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 4

The reviews are coming in at a good pace and the quality is still excellent! Thanks to everyone who has submitted a review so far. Keep them coming for the backlinks!

Asian Girls
My Journey to 1 Million Dollars
Electric Guitar Tabs
Rich Minx
Digital Key to Info

Two of these reviews in particular caught my attention. The most well written [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 3

It has been one week since we’ve offered the Review Our Blog promotion and we have gotten over 15 reviews. Round 3 features 5 new reviews that you can read. Jane and I are having a very enjoyable time reading all of your reviews. This rounds’ reviews are:

Derek Wong
Bet Shop Boy
Our Mag
Hoboken 411

The best organized [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 2

We are ready to post round 2 of our Career Ramblings Reviews and already have 2 reviews for round 3. These reviews were very interesting to read and they keep getting better and better. Take a look around these blogs:

Dax Desai dot com
Everyday Weekender
Suncoast Scribe
Kristofers Blog

Three of these reviews were excellent and a pleasure to [...]

Review Our Blog - Round 1

The same day we wrote about a promotion to review Career Ramblings for a free backlink from a PageRank 6 site, we quickly received 7 well written and thought out reviews. We feature 5 of the reviews in this post and the rest will go into Round 2 which should be complete soon. The following [...]

Career Ramblings has recently received a PageRank of 6 from Google which is considered a great ranking for high quality and high authority web sites. If you own your own web site or business, it can be very valuable for you to receive a link from a Page Rank 6 site, so we decided [...]

You may recall a review I wrote a while back about JohnChow.com, an entreprenuerial dot com mogul’s blog. The review focused on John’s helpful and hands-on advice to those who are trying to make a living online His content is cutting edge and more helpful than you can imagine when trying to make [...]

John Chow has made a very good, entrepreneurial living from his main web site The Tech Zone for some time now, but the most impressive thing about him is his work ethic and drive to continually learn more and advance in what he does. John continually keeps up with the latest tricks of the trade [...]

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