Backup Platinum Can Help Save Your Files


We all know the importance of backing up your computer or major data files you don’t want to lose. I recently had an experience with my laptop that could have used the services that Backup Platinum provides. Let me give you a little description of what Backup Platinum is:

  1. Backup Platinum makes a reserve copy of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or USB drives, CD-R/W or DVD±R/RW media, FTP server or Local Area Network.
  2. The program uses “Wizard” approach to define the backup set: what, where, how and when to backup.
  3. 128-bit encryption with Blowfish and multichoice ZIP compression on the fly are available to keep your backups small and secure.
  4. Built-in CD/DVD engine allows you to erase the rewritable disk before burning and automatically split large backups to several parts using disk spanning.
  5. The program is based on multi-threaded file-processing engine and creates detailed logs of all operations.
  6. It also can run in service mode under NT-based systems to execute scheduled tasks even when nobody is logged in.

Now, if most of those points went over your head as it did mine when I first read the description, take a few minutes and visit their website Backup to DVD. The first thing you will notice is the usability of the website. Along the top tool bar, you will see Home, Download, Order, White Papers, Builds History, Help and SoftLogica options to choose from.

Things I like most about the website and services:

  1. The “Key Features” sidebar they provide. This not only tells you their most useful services, but they are easily identifiable. One improvement I would recommend is that they separate the links on the sidebar to specific content to that link. Currently, all the links on the sidebar go to the same exact page instead of going to the individual product you click on.
  2. 30-day free trial. Backup Platinum is provided with 30-day trial period. During this time you will be able to try all its features and decide if you really like their product and want to buy it. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it. That never hurts.
  3. Downloads and payments are easy to do. To download a product, you go to the icon that says “download,” make sure your system meets the minimum requirements (Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003), and you download. The process is very simple and easy to do. The payment system is built in a similar way.

Because you can test drive this service before actually purchasing it, I would encourage anyone looking for a backup service to do so.

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6 thoughts on “Backup Platinum Can Help Save Your Files

  1. I’m a control freak personally, I never use those software type of backups because I don’t trust them very much.
    Besides, I’m the kind of guy that knows exactly where all my files are, and I havea standard procedure for backing things up to my 250GB external harddrive.
    Tips on successful file management :
    1. Put all your work/business related files into “My Documents”. Do not scatter them outside. Same applies to music, videos, photos – keep them where they should be.
    2. Keep a note that software settings (such as Illustrator pallette, or filetype settings that are customized for you) can be transferred via the Windows Files and Settings Transfer wizard. Use that and save just all application settings.
    3. As for Outlook, you can simply copy the entire Microsoft Outlook data file, which contains all your mail account, calendar, contact, memo, task related infos as well as all emails/attachments. No need to export/import anything, just copy the whole damn datafile. Outlook.pst is the usual name, and if you have lots of data you may see archive.pst as well.

  2. Good points, Jeff.
    I have my own application (written by me in C#.NET) which takes care of all the files I need to backup.. I wonder if I need to start selling it?

  3. I just started using Paragon Backup software. I am not sure if it can restore mt operating system, and its settings.
    rest, I managed to backup, delete and restore using paragon backup.
    Any other software which can help me to back up my entire OS, and restore it in blazing fast speed.

  4. wonder how to run the back-up data service nowadays !?
    only hundreds dollars can buy a dvd rom for your computers….

  5. Thanks for the tips, Jeff,
    But I think it all goes ok when you want to backup to dvd only — what about making backups to avoid disasters? I think Backup Platinum can be quite cool with its online backup availability (which is not written here, I dunno why).

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