Review Our Blog – Round 5


It’s time for Round 5 of Review Our Blog. We have 5 new reviews:

  • Husterama
  • Idea Sellers
  • Self Hypnosis Program
  • Link Rambler
  • NotSoBoringLife

Although we appreciate all reviews, we also have to comment on their quality. This set of reviews has been the lowest quality we have received so far, although that is because the first 4 rounds set such a high precedent. It does not look like most of this round’s reviews put forth much effort toward writing their reviews and were only writing the bare minimum to get the backlink. If we had to choose a winner, it would be Idea Seller. Jane and I really do enjoy sending readers to your sites, but we can only recommend a site if we feel our readers will find it interesting. The promotion continues :) Please read below.

How To Get A Backlink

If you would like to get your blog noticed by tens of thousands of readers each month as well as a valuable PR 6 backlink, all you have to do is join our promotion. It is very simple to get a backlink from Career Ramblings. Just write an honest review about this web site with the following parameters:

  • Link to the home page using the anchor text “Career Development
  • Link to the original rules post.
  • Minimum 200 words.
  • Review cannot be combined with another post.

Here is an example –

Career Ramblings writes many new and unique articles for those interested in career development and entrepreneur advice. If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site.

7 thoughts on “Review Our Blog – Round 5

  1. John… you mean “If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site…. maybe” hehe.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Pretty cool idea.
      Kudos to the team for coming up with a neat way to increase backlinks and gain exposure for a blog.

  2. Thank you Jane and John for the extra mention concerning my review of your site. Although writing reviews is not the primary mission of my site, I do take the projects seriously, as I would any endeavor. My goal is to incorporate the review into an article “feel” while attempting to convey an accurate assessment of the site under scrutiny. Your blog was easy to review; it’s quality being quite evident!

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