Review Our Blog – Round 4


The reviews are coming in at a good pace and the quality is still excellent! Thanks to everyone who has submitted a review so far. Keep them coming for the backlinks!

  • Asian Girls
  • My Journey to 1 Million Dollars
  • Electric Guitar Tabs
  • Rich Minx
  • Digital Key to Info

Two of these reviews in particular caught my attention. The most well written review came from Rich Minx (yes, she intentionally keeps her name anonymous) who is a professional web editor. Her site focuses on lessons she’s learned and her thoughts on money. Electric Guitar Tabs was the most unique review written so far, in that he ties in the need for a good career in order to buy musical instruments. I got a good laugh from the creativity in his intro paragraph. Please continue reading to find out how to participate in this backlink promotion.

Criteria for getting a free backlink:

  • The review should link to the home page using the anchor text ”Career Development“.
  • The review should be a minimum 200 words.
  • It must have a link to this rules post somewhere in the review.
  • You must give an honest review.

Here is an example –

Career Ramblings writes many new and unique articles for those interested in career development and entrepreneur advice. If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site.

For every 5 reviews we receive, we will have a post linking to your site. If you already read Career Ramblings, why not take 10 minutes to write a review and receive a valuable backlink in exchange? Once you are done, please contact us with the link to your review. For those web sites who have a similar niche to us, we will include a review of the best sites if we think our loyal readers can get value from your web site. This would send additional traffic your way for free. Thanks and we look forward to reading your reviews!

5 thoughts on “Review Our Blog – Round 4

  1. Ooooh, asian girls. They need help in career development? Like how to market themself better? lol.

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