Review Our Blog – Round 2


We are ready to post round 2 of our Career Ramblings Reviews and already have 2 reviews for round 3. These reviews were very interesting to read and they keep getting better and better. Take a look around these blogs:

  • Dax Desai dot com
  • Everyday Weekender
  • Suncoast Scribe
  • Kristofers Blog

Three of these reviews were excellent and a pleasure to read, with the most well written and thoughtful review coming from Kristofers Blog. Kristofer reviews products for a living so it’s no surprise his detailed post was excellent. A close second is Angie’s review at the Suncoast Scribe where she focuses on life on Florida’s west coast. Everyday Weekender also included a good review. His site focuses on leisure living mostly in Ontario Canada.

How To Get A Backlink

If you would like to get your blog noticed by tens of thousands of readers each month as well as a valuable PR 6 backlink, all you have to do is join our promotion. It is very simple to get a backlink from Career Ramblings. Just write an honest review about this web site with the following parameters:

  • Link to the home page using the anchor text “Career Development
  • Link to the original rules post.
  • Minimum 200 words.
  • Review cannot be combined with another post.

Here is an example –

Career Ramblings writes many new and unique articles for those interested in career development and entrepreneur advice. If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site.

9 thoughts on “Review Our Blog – Round 2

  1. Let me be the first to comment with a thank you, and I’m glad you liked it, I try to do my best!

  2. Thanks for the link love. I’m hoping the more I blog, the better my writing will get. One day I’ll be able to match your prose.

    1. not hard…just takes practice and clear thought (structure). The more I write, the stronger I feel in my writing ability.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to review your blog. I enjoyed the task and the links are much appreciated.

  4. hello jane! I want to ask you if the review needs to be in English, because I have a blog about making money on the internet in Romanian. Best regards! – Mihnea

    1. Mihnea,
      We have had a few blogs give us reviews in different languages. Feel free to review us on your Romanian blog and we will include you in our Review Our Blog Batch with link back.

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