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Career Ramblings has recently received a PageRank of 6 from Google which is considered a great ranking for high quality and high authority web sites. If you own your own web site or business, it can be very valuable for you to receive a link from a Page Rank 6 site, so we decided to do a very simple promotion which will allow you to receive a backlink from a high traffic site that can really boost your Search Engine Ranking and also help you get a higher page rank.

Criteria for getting a free backlink:

  • The review should link to the home page using the anchor text “Career Development“.
  • The review should be a minimum 200 words.
  • It must have a link to this rules post somewhere in the review.
  • You must give an honest review.

Here is an example –

Career Ramblings writes many new and unique articles for those interested in career development and entrepreneur advice. If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site.

If you review our site, we will then include a link to your site in one of our posts. If you already read Career Ramblings, why not take 10 minutes to write a review and receive a valuable backlink in exchange? Once you are done, post a link to your review in a comment on the bottom of this page. We monitor the comments section and every few weeks we make 1 big blog posting linking back to all the sites that reviewed us. For those web sites who have a similar niche to us, we might even include our own review of your site if we think our loyal readers can get value from your site. Thanks and we look forward to reading your reviews!

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73 thoughts on “Review Career Ramblings For A Backlink

    1. yeah…
      “The review must be of this web site using the anchor text ‘Career Development’. “

  1. Oh, you should post an example as some bloggers might not be as familiar with SEO stuffs. I know i wasnt, about 2 months ago.

    1. Ronin,
      Post the review on your own website and we will link to it from our site. Be sure to follow all the guidelines. Thanks!

  2. cool, looking forward to doing your review sometime in the near future.
    i’ve had my own review thing going on but not any takers , maybe I should kick it up again, now that my PR is 5 from a 4.

  3. //For every 5 reviews we receive, we will have a post linking to your site.
    Does this mean you expect 5 reviews to be posted by one person on his/her website in exchange of a backlink from your website? Or you just publish one review aboutyour site within rules mentioned and you earn a backlink from your site…correct me in this regard.
    I hav blog on Interview Questions On Java and content on your website makes lot of sense with my blogs.
    Best Wishes..

      1. You only have to do one review to receive the backlink. Each post that we write will feature 5 different reviews by 5 different sites. We look forward to reading your reviews!

  4. wow . . did you just add that or did I completely miss it? hahaha . . . i’m having way too long of a week!

    1. You should vary your anchor text a YEAR or TWO from now, because Google sometimes penalize you for having too much exact/consistent anchor text.
      For more SEO tips + other ramblings, visit my blog (at the link after “Comment by” :).

  5. Is it possible for us to choose an anchor text and the location of where you link to? I mean obviously it’ll be my main index page. I don’t want just a link to the actual article… Trying to get my front page noticed.

    1. Tom,
      You can link to as many pages on this site as you would like but 1 of the links should be to this post and one should be to our home page. Most people meet the minimum criteria, and then point out some of their favorite articles from this site. That is the best way to do it.
      If you want your front page noticed, then have a link to your front page within the review somewhere. Message us if you need more details.

  6. Hi Jane, as it really worked for John, it should do for you also, I will read your blog, and then review it.

  7. Professional Development Advice From Career Ramblings…
    Recently I was lucky enough to stumble upon an excellent blog called Career Ramblings. Career Ramblings is maintained by John Anthony and Jane May. Both are obviously experts in the subjects they write about. Jane May is, in fact, a professional new…

  8. I love your blog! I love it so much I wrote a review about it. You can find my review right here.

  9. Hi John and Jane
    I have completed a review of your website, thank you for the opportunity!
    Carreer Ramblings – Developing Your Career
    Best Wishes
    Ps could you please use the anchor text “Blogging It For Cash”

  10. I reviewed your site in round two, I think. Anyway. I keep coming back to read the reviews other people have written. I’ve found some very cool sites this way.

    1. The next review for a back link update will be posted Friday. Thank you for your review.
      – Josh

  11. hello, how about my review for the career rambling.
    You have changed the owner and i didn’t get my pingbacks from you guys, so what us now?
    please do advice me @

  12. Hi, I would like to Know if the review must be in english or it could be in another language . I write on an italian blog
    Second question, even the riview writtein in other language must be minimum 200 words, or not

  13. Hey guys,
    I just wrote an article compiling all of the blogs or sites offering backlinks in exchange for site reviews. I’ve included your site in my list. You may want to link to my post to provide your readers with additional link back offers.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy my article and that it helps you too. If you enjoy my article I would appreciate a link back and or some digg love.

  14. PR is just an indicator. A result of link building. PR itself does not do anything for you.

  15. Is it true that backlinks from similar sites are of much higher value than not so related sites? Do search engines dock you if unrelated sites link back to yours?
    Just trying to understand!

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