Review Our Blog Update


Jane and I have received a lot of excellent reviews as part of our review our blog series. With no recent promotion, we have received 16 new reviews.

  • Business, Money and Tax Help
  • Inner88
  • Blogging Demos
  • Online Income Resources
  • Ngadutrafik 2007
  • Ace Hutton
  • Old Things
  • Project Agloco
  • Job Mob
  • Sha Money Maker dot com
  • Get Noticed First
  • Heaven’s Blog
  • Viva Vava
  • Job Interview Q&A
  • Health and Fitness
  • Disassociated

I must say the quality of most of these reviews is very good. Jane and I really enjoyed reading them. Here are a few of the better reviews for you to check out: Tax Refunds, Jason Clark’s Inner88, Ace Hutton’s business and rambling blog, and lastly very kind words from a fitness blog.

12 thoughts on “Review Our Blog Update

  1. Hello John Anthony and Jane May, thanks for the linkback. I’m very appreciate that. Keep up the good work Career Ramblings!

  2. Actually I was wondering the same thing as the comment above…Eric (nice to meet you btw and looking forward to the additional input you hinted at in your intro post) will you still offer a backlink for a site review? Thanks

  3. Hi there, I was wondering if perhaps my review got lost somehow. I wrote it back in May and I don’t recall the acknowledgment. Forgive me if I overlooked that or perhaps you have a backlog of review to go through.

  4. Mark,
    I’m sorry we didn’t forget you. It missed the update because the directions were to post the link to your review on the main review directions page, but this is okay. You’ll be added next week. Sorry about that.

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