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You may recall a review I wrote a while back about, an entreprenuerial dot com mogul’s blog. The review focused on John’s helpful and hands-on advice to those who are trying to make a living online His content is cutting edge and more helpful than you can imagine when trying to make money online.

Today, I am writing a follow up review of John Chow, but this time as John “the humanitarian”. I read his site daily, and the more I read the more I come to realize that there is much more to John Chow than his entreprenuerial and monetary accomplishments – he is a fan of the people; and a fan of seeing others succeed. Many of John Chow’s posts and actions come from the goodness of his heart, even though he jokes about being the “root of all evil” and throwing rocks at a family of pandas.

Let me give you some examples of the humanitarian, good-for-society things John Chow does:

  • The income derived from his site is one big case study to show his readers that the advice he provides really does work. And let me attest – yes, it does. So good deed #1 is that he is writing to help others make money.
  • All income derived from his site, which was a whopping $3,440.66 in January is split between his daughters savings account, charities of his choice, and his church. Good deed #2: John donates to charities.
  • John gives away most free goods he receives to his loyal readers via a drawing. Sure he holds a contest that helps his site receive links or other out-of-the-box ideas he comes up with, but why shouldn’t he when he is giving away free stuff. Good deed #3: John gives away free stuff.
  • John donates to other up-and-coming web entrepreneurs tip jars when he is impressed with them. Good deed #4: John funds others efforts.
  • John eats dinner at a variety of restaraunts around Vancouver, takes photos of the dishes, and gives detailed, mouth watering descriptions of the meals. Okay so this isn’t really a good deed to most, but his food posts are always so enjoyable to me I had to include them in this list. Here is a sample.
  • John is completely open and honest about what he does professionally and how he does it; as well as his personal life. Ethical would be the word I use to describe his character. Good deed #5: Teaches us to be ethical by example.

The main reason for this review is because our goal at Career Ramblings is to help young professionals learn career development in an ethical, respectable manner. John Chow teaches entrepreneurs the same character-building traits we strive to teach.

5 thoughts on “John Chow – The Humanitarian

  1. I read john’s blog everyday too, I just wish I could generate a little more income from my site, even though I am using his techniques, I guess it just takes time for most people.

  2. Nick,
    I think his emphasis in generating content is the foundation to traffic. Once the traffic hits, so will your revenue.

  3. Wow, nice follow-up and so true. John’s guidance and knowledge have been invaluable in my endeavors. Although my site is in its infancy, I wouldn’t be where I am without his help.

  4. Funny review. I don’t disagree with you that John is a nice guy… but he even admits that a lot of the things you mentioned above are for link baiting.
    Btw, i’m just curious… just how much traffic did this review bring in for you?
    AS –

  5. Hey, the definition of ‘humantarian’ is used lightly here, but I guess that ‘may’ fit the converted root of ALL evil John Chow ;).

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