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Hey everyone, This is the first series of post that will introduce internet marketing and how it’s possible to create a reliable, well balanced business out of selling products online.
The basis of Afiliate marketing is you are producing traffic, and then getting that traffic to convert on a specified niche. So if the product you [...]

Oh my, how so many can get up in arms about something they know nothing about.
I don’t know if you have been following, but the war between Anonymous and Scientology is in full swing. Anonymous staged world-wide protests of Scientology’s churches on February 10th, to varying amounts of success. While I feel that [...]

I was preparing to cook myself lunch today (my girlfriends fabulous homemade hamburgers- delicious!) when the phone rang. It was my best friend, who happens to live across the country (now that I’ve moved, anyway) and she wanted to chat. So, while on the phone I began cooking my lunch. Of course, [...]

Due to some carpal tunnel problems I’ve made an audio post. This rambling, literally, talks briefly about my interaction with successful affiliates and with the industry in general. Enjoy!

P.S. - I am aware that I posted this 4 days after I made the video.
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Audio Post: The Longevity of Affiliate [...]

You want to get rich, right? Of course you do, and you know what, I want you to get rich! In business, money and profits is the name of the game. Other things, such as ethics or social responsibility, come second to the almighty dollar. Alright, all jokes aside, I want [...]

There’s a common misconception about what spirituality is. Spirituality refers to the way in which you treat your psychological and spiritual self. This can include the adoption of religion, meditation, relaxation, new mentalities or ideas, or changes in your self perception. Being spiritual addresses your personal beliefs – in life, the afterlife, [...]

As you begin to become more established in your career it is only natural to begin to place your focus on your work. This causes you to accomplish more, find new and insightful ideas or perhaps even some exciting new methods that may increase your efficiency or productivity. Allowing your career to monopolize your time [...]

I’d like to start off by saying that this article is designed to take a different approach. Whereas anyone can tell you the fundamentals of running a business, I thought I’d venture out a bit and talk about what you would need to start a specific business. In this case, a bakery. [...]

In my posting from last week (see Partnerships: Adoptme.com ) I talked about the partnership I was involved in to sell Adoptme plush toys. The toy company went out of business, and I ended up losing the $37,000 I had invested plus I paid another $25,000 to buy the Adoptme.com website back. But, the story [...]

You will never get rich working for someone else. This statement, though disturbing in a few ways, is completely accurate. The entrepreneurs – the people who put personal or financial risk on the line for their business – are the ones who make the most money, experience the greatest financial rewards, and enjoy the satisfaction [...]

The subject today is partnerships. I have been involved in 3 partnerships over my 12 year Internet career, and none of them have ever worked out very well. I’ll start by talking about my Adoptme Toys partnership. In one of my previous postings I wrote about how I got my AdoptMe plush toy [...]

About 8 years ago I created a virtual pets site at AdoptMe.com, where kids can adopt free virtual pets (such as dogs, cats, horses, turtles, and fish) and learn the responsibilities of pet ownership by feeding, walking, and taking care of them. It became popular, with around 10,000 visitors per day and 2000 new members [...]

If you’ve chosen to work from home you are now going to be entering a transition, where you are now operating in an area that is naturally comfortable. Staying within your comfort zone is an easy way to foster intellectual and emotional growth, but unless you are prepared to sit down and work, you may [...]

One of the most well-known entrepreneurs is Donald Trump, especially after his spotlight in his TV show, The Apprentice. Donald Trump is a great role-model for those aspiring entrepreneurs. The biography of his life includes strife, failure, and of course, success.
Trump was born into a wealthy family, had an upper-class education and had his start [...]

If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own home based business you probably have more questions than you do answers. If you are trying to figure out how you’re going to make it work, where you’re going to attract sales, and how you’re going to market yourself, you’re not alone. Thousands of home based [...]

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