5 Ways To Capture Attention Like A CEO

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Have you ever noticed when the head person of your organization or any organization for that matter, be it a CEO, CFO, President, Vice President speak, they capture the attention of the audience. This may be because of the position they hold, but what about those that have the respect of their employers for their credibility, reputation, integrity and fairness. These senior managers are the ones who can make people stand at attention just by entering a room. When they speak, people listen and when they suggest people take notes. That kind of executive presence may be innate for some, but can be learned for those who seek out those qualities of a senior executive.

The following are traits that you should look to perfect to capture your audience:

Speak Slowly

If you speak too fast, you’re telling the audience you’re not worthy of taking up their time. You can always notice who is nervous when speaking, they tend to talk faster and trip on their words a bit. By speaking slowly and confidently, you show you’re confidence–that you have a right to be there.

Will The CEO Please Stand Up

When the opportunity presents itself, whether behind a podium or in a conference room, standing up gives people the impression that you are confident. Even if you stand up only to introduce your self, then sit down, it’s still an effective way to make your presence noticed.

Meaningful Movement

Even small gestures can convey meaning. When you gesture from your shoulder and arms, you take up more space. The bigger the room you’re in, the bigger your gesture needs to be. But beware of moving around the stage too much–it will make you look fidgety.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Go over what you plan to say–not just mentally, but also physically and orally. Practice everything, from the inflection of your voice, pauses, and gestures. Practice makes perfect and the only way you will know what you struggle with is doing a run through.

Don’t Nod Your Head

When you’re listening to another person, don’t nod your head to illustrate that you’re paying attention. Contrary to popular belief, it gives the impression that you agree with everything that person is saying and that you don’t have any unique opinions on the topic. As an executive, that detracts from your authority. Part of your CEO-like presence is remembering not to nod your head. It’s those little gestures that say things the big things.

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14 thoughts on “5 Ways To Capture Attention Like A CEO

  1. Very nice.
    I particularly like the part about not nodding. Very original. I am getting more into roles where I find myself presenting and this is very good advice.

  2. Hey, CEO is just a title =P. So it’s much better to act like you’re ‘respectable’–respecting others + yourself and others respecting you, eh =?
    …I remember the ‘moment’ when I had to give a speech at my graduation–quite horrifying–considering that I’ve just whipped up the speech the night before (lots of ‘grandmatically’ mistake on paper :), BUT I winged it like a pro, cuz some parts of my speech actually incited the crowd so that kind help some of my mumbling =P. I don’t remember how fast I was ‘talking’ but I remembered I JUST DO IT!—still very nervous though ;).
    *Don’t remember if I’d “practice practice practice” or not (don’t have the time), but I think I did–at least mentally anyway…O.K. I’m rambling again…My sincere apology career ramblings…O.K. GTG…Keep up such good post (hope it’s not PLR :).

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  4. If you have fear of public speaking, you can overcome it so that you can speak to a crowd too.
    One way is to close your eyes and visualize yourself standing on stage and talking very confidently to the audiences. Look at your confident self and the pleasant faces of the audiences.
    This report by Bob Proctor will help you do that.

    Weak handshakes are a disappointment for me when I meet people.
    Be confident. Show strength in character as well as in relationships with others.
    That’s how I can talk to $200 Million CEO clients without feeling smaller than them at all.

    1. YEah, I’m a girl and even I hate getting the dreaded “dead fish” handshake!!!

  6. I tend to nod so people know I’m following along. Guess I need to stop nodding and just make eye contact instead!

  7. Good stuff!! I to believe eye contact is critical to commanding that presence you speak about so well in your post. I shall return to check you out again.

    1. I’m sorry but I feel the need to tell people to optimize their blog. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD PEOPLE! Give yourself ‘more’ chance for it to be heard by optimizing your blogging–at least for the title: it’s one of the MOST important SEO you can do. ‘Blog Archive’ is unnecessary…

  8. I currently blog part time but work full time as a water purification specialist, I was recently thinking about this post while speaking with a customer and found myself nodding at everything they said, this post is helping me quite a bit.
    Thanks so much

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