How To Start Your Own Business Today! No Excuses


We wrote about 9 important steps to starting your own business last week, and I’d like to simplify things for you even more. We are going to provide you with the top 5 must-haves to starting your own business that you can implement TODAY, and 4 of the 5 are free. So you have no more excuses to sit on your ideas.

If you are the entrepreneurial type, I’m sure you’ve had plenty of ideas that you never got around to starting. These tools can assist you in setting up your business. The 3 free must-haves this article will give you are (1) a business plan; (2) 250 FREE business cards; and (3) a web site template you can download, populate with your info and use. The 4th must-have is a hosting plan which will cost you a few dollars each month for your web site. And lastly, the 5th component is to brand yourself and your product. You can call this your very own mini-business starter package.

Give Me My Free Business Starter Package!

That’s what you’re thinking right? Okay, here you go.

  1. Business Plan. You can download this free business plan template here.
  2. Business Cards. You can order 250 free business cards here.
  3. Web site Template. There are several good, free template web sites you can start with until your budget allows for you to create your own custom site. In the mean time, here is a site with many options.
  4. Web site Hosting. You will need a web hosting company for your web site. Host Monster is our recommended choice for starting out. They are inexpensive at $5.95/month and give you all the bandwidth you will most likely need.
  5. Brand yourself. Once you have the four components above, the real magic begins. Your ability to promote and brand yourself and your product will separate your web site from the pack. Using creativity, this is also free.

These 5 simple steps and downloads will help get your business off the ground. If you do not need a web site yet, you can always start working on your business plan because your ideas and goals must be put in writing; and get the business cards for when you’re networking and talking to others about your business.

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Recommended Downloads:

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20 thoughts on “How To Start Your Own Business Today! No Excuses

  1. Business plan and free cards are useful for a fresh start. I hope people will enjoy using these tools.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I just ordered some cards, I think they’ll turn out pretty good, but we’ll see when they come in

  2. I’ve ordered cards (the premium) and I would recommend you upgrade to the 100lb stock. Invest in quality cards as they present a better image.
    Having “Printed free at VistaPrint” is not really a very professional image. It projects more of a “this is a hobby” image.

  3. If you need a guided business plan software package, I highly recommend Business Plan Pro from
    It has many examples and explains each section. You fill out sections at a time and it will build your plan for you. It is affordable at $100.
    **I make no money off this recommendation**

  4. Excellent tips for those interested in starting a new business. I am currently in the process of working on my marketing strategies,and have run into a road block….any assistance would greatly be appreciated. My target market travels by private jet, they stay at luxury hotels (12000.00usd a night),have several vacation homes, they live lives that most of us can only dream of. How would I get my marketing material into the hotels?,into the lounges?,in to the country clubs ?.

    1. First, you need to hire an escort for the person in charge as the “gatekeeper” in the organization. (you may use yourself if you are an attractive member of the opposite sex of said “gatekeeper”)
      Having plied the wares in the expected sense, it is now time to capitalize on your new “gate opener”…
      For a continuation and full explanation of the forthcoming steps, please see my website to order my latest book “Hitting the Marketing G-spot, a common sense guide to exploiting and manipulating human frailties to achieve your objectives” …..PLUS EXCLUSIVE Forewards from, DR PHIL, OPRAH, REGIS PHILBIN and others …

  5. The most important thing about going on your own business route is the drive to do it.
    The rest are the tools only.

  6. hi
    These 5 things are necessary. However, I am not so sure if that is enough. You probably have to learn much more as you go along.
    The problem is we will not be able to know enough before we start a business but we should know about marketing.
    Marketing will build or destroy any business. With good marketing, you can sell anyhing. On the other hand, if you have the best product but poor marketing, you will not do well till much later.
    Hence, it is true that poor products can sell as long as the marketing is good. I am not advocating that though. It only sells once but no more than that. Customers are smart people. They want value too.
    So be great at marketing and have a fantastic product too. You will be invincible.
    Grab a free attraction accelerator report by Bob Proctor at

  7. One more thing your going to need is working capital. At least something to work your plans. It depends on your business idea and what it will take to make it happen. After that you have to put on the working jeans, no action, no results. Have another web site you can go to, very inexpensive $5 a month and it is very simple to do. It starts out with your, three pages to put your business on the web and if you want to expand you can. A web page is an electronic brochure, can save you a lot of printing money. Go to and check it out it is a demo site as to what you can do with a little creativity and ease to publish. Click on the link and you will go to the hosting site where you can play with the demo and see how easy it is to get started.

  8. I just ordered cards for $3.99/250 from Vista Print. I highly recommend them as well.
    Here is a link to get the Vista Print Deep Discounts.
    Yesterday it was $3.99. Today it turned to $9.99. I think this link is a floating link whereby it gives you their best internet special. My friend tells me he checks it periodically to see what the deal is. In any event it is way cheaper than their standard prices. Lesson here is always Google coupon code or special offer when you are buying something online. You’ll be surprised at the discounts you can uncover. My only qualm is I wish they did plastic cards. I’ve always been fascinated with the clear credit cards. Don’t ask why. I’m easily impressed I guess.
    Jane May – I don’t make any money off that link, but thought I’d share with your readers. I don’t think Vista Print has an affiliate program. I’ve also put up the link in my resources blogroll.

    1. Any thoughts on CD business cards? I’m working on a project to see the possibilities of this product segment and it’s tough to find stats to back that this would be a good product to invest in.

  9. I have a hard time believing Dr Phil would agree to write a forward for such a book. Or Oprah for that matter. A guide to exploiting and manipulating human frailities to achieve your objective? Thats something a Socialpath does. The idea isn’t to exploite human frailty but to lift yourself up by lifting up others. I don’t know anyone who would openly admit to running a business the way you just did.

    1. I find that the best way is just to sit at the bars of the establishment where you’re trying to generate a partnership. Form a tight bond with the bartendars. Bartendars (most of them at least) are very friendly and will provide you names of the person you need to contact. Then find out from them when the person will be there and ask the bartendar to introduce you. Make sure you bring a business card and know what you want to say within a 5 minute span, if not shorter. If they are interested, they will ask you to expand.

      1. Try doing some advertising in the Magazine by the name of the Robb Report. Thats their target market as well.

  10. I started a business with my partner, but was afraid of the lack of a steady income.

  11. Depending on the size and kind of business, business plans are over-rated.
    Probably a greater need for a yearly marketing plan and advertising budget.
    My experience is that the larger the company is, the less chance is you will find that they have a “business plan”.
    The only need for a business plan is if you are a startup trying to borrow money, or to raise capital (through a private or public offering) which I doubt if many of your readers will be doing.
    Most small companies are not going to be successful borrowing money or raising capital anyway (unless it is through family and friends).
    Better off to have a good sales pitch, a firm handshake, and a memorable call to action.

  12. Good try at jumpstarting people. I think you need to reiterate numerous times how long it takes to start a successful internet business.

  13. Thank you offering all helpful tips. Well done guys keep it up.
    Good Luck
    Job Maldives Team

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