Start Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


Some people are born with natural abilities that have become known as traits of entrepreneurs. If you have a desire to start a company of your own, here are some of the personal qualities that you should posses:

Learn from your failures. This is not easy. No one is perfect, so take the time to meditate on the goals that you have set and failed to achieve during the past year. Ask yourself why they were not met, and set new goals based on what you have learned from your failed ones. Write everything down so that you can look back in the future to monitor your progress.

Take risks! Start out small; maybe you have an idea that will save your current employer money, or perhaps an initiative that would benefit your community a a whole. Whatever your idea, go for it! Entrepreneurs often have strong beliefs about an opportunity and are willing to accept a high level of personal, professional, or financial risk to pursue it.

Be a leader. There are many different types of people, and few are natural born leaders. If you find that you do not have natural leadership qualities, practice and work on them! Volunteering is a great way to try out your skills, or develop new ones, in a relatively risk free environment. Volunteering is also a great way to get some feedback, and is good for the soul.

Accept your responsibilities. Perhaps you have been given too many projects or not enough details, or perhaps a co-worker has left you with the garbage with the expectation that you will clean it up. Either way, until you are calling the shots, you may occasionally find yourself forced to grit your teeth and do as your told. However, doing so will further your resolve to get your own venture started.

When you do get your venture started, everything starts and stops with you. All of the garbage and prior assignments that you’ve done for other employers will seem like a walk in the park compared to what you will have to do to launch your own project or company. Your previous attention to detail will pay off big time here.

Desire your success. Success is more than just money; when it comes to your business, success is about what you have created. Think big, and don’t let the small things keep you from reaching the top.

Be Optimistic. Live by the philosophy that this is the best of times, and that anything is possible. Become content with less and focus on success that is measured by personal gratification, not numbers in the bank.

Most importantly enjoy the ride! Don’t focus on end results, but enjoy the process. And, at the end of all of this, don’t forget to acknowledge the people who’ve helped you along the way.

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10 thoughts on “Start Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

  1. Very good post!! One way to start thinking like an Entrepreneur is to actually start hanging around some of them on a consistent basis and you will definitely see the way they think.
    An old proverb said, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”
    Whatever you think about most happens.
    Happy Thinking!!
    Alejandro Reyes

  2. I have many ideas I think could be “the next big thing” but, I just don’t have the financial freedom to put them into action.
    Hopefully I will be able to remedy this problem shortly.

    1. Take one idea and start small. Most successful “next big things” started somewhere small at first.

      1. Hi Dylan — We all have many ideas that pop into our head, financing is never a problem. Start with a good business plan, or map as to where you are going to take your idea and how to set it up, create a need then fill it. Start small, do a 5 year projection. Test market the idea, ask around as if you own it and are selling it. See what the responses are to your business. Ask for comments, it helps better your idea. Once you start the business you will draw those that can help to you, it is the way it works, you will be amazed. Take a few or read a few books on Marketing, Advertising and last of all Sales. Focus on one idea not many, and go for it! Good Luck hope this helps a bit. Jim

  3. Good advices!
    Be Optimistic. That’s the most difficult one… For example, I checked my Yahoo Mail and I saw 666 unread emails… Then I checked the traffic stats for my blog and I saw 666 unique visits… Oh My, I thought…., but I hope I’ll get through all those signs

  4. While it’s true that some are born with traits, most of the traits can also be learned and your list is a good representation of that.

  5. Fantastic tips. Get into the work you do and go above and beyond.
    Stephen Welton calls that “The Extra Mile” doing more than you are supposed to can only help you create a reputation of success.

  6. Dylan — You may try making a simple web page also when you start one of your ideas. Web pages are an electronic brochure you can change as you feel for free. Small start up price and you are the web master, don’t have to pay anyone to do it for you. Start with a Template site, pick what you like then fill the template with your business. You’ll get better as you build the site and change it as you wish!
    One good place to start is $60 for the year, 3 pages, .com name registration, and plenty of space you can even add music or say something about your business on the web page itself. There is also a feedback page for those that want to write you for what ever. Simple to make a professional web site, as you get bigger enlarge your site or move it to something better if you like. Jim

  7. I’ve heard the same said about rich vs. poor. You’ve got to start thinking like a rich person before you can actually become one. That’s why so many people that win the lottery go broke so quickly after winning.

  8. The “Start Small” tip is a good one. You can spend years thinking about ideas and not actually do anything when you could have been doing something small but learning new skills. I was in that category for a long time myself!
    I can’t recall the exact wording but I remember a post I read from Seth Godin which is essentially said “Do something, anything!”. He suggested even starting something like a cafepress store, not with the intention of making money but with the intention of learning new skills.

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