Gems You Must Have In Your Cover Letter

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How many times have you heard of someone applying for a job and never hearing back from the company? The job search can be a frustrating experience. You may have just graduated university, or maybe you’re trying to switch careers. Regardless, a job hunt is rarely a fun and positive experience. For many people, it involves stress and anxiety. After all, the longer you’re unemployed (or underemployed) the longer your income, and peace of mind, is in limbo.

Your cover letter and resume will be the first impression employers get of you and many people fail to make the most of it. In today’s age of competition among employees, you need to stand out in order to be noticed. You will be quickly overlooked unless you find a way to make your potential employer decide to give you a chance.

Include the “gems” below to make your cover letter the best it can be:

  • Mimic the values of the company you are applying for: Use inviting statements, such as “I sincerely value…” or “I understand the importance of…”. Statements like that show your willingness to learn, as well as your underlying values.

I sincerely value the code of ethics that RANDOM COMPANY adheres to- I believe that strong morals are paramount to the success of any organization.

I understand the importance of individual responsibility among employees. It helps increase productivity, while keep the bottom line where it should be- as low as possible.

  • Highlight your strengths: Show your potential employer that you won’t need to be babysat, and let them know what you are capable of.

I understand the importance of individual responsibility, and I have always been good at multitasking. I am able to juggle several projects at a time without compromising results.

  • Be formal, but also personal: You don’t want to offend your potential employer by being too information or lewd, but you also want to show a bit of your personality. Find a mix that sounds good, and is still professional.

I await your response with much anticipation, and though a thousand other applicants have probably said the same thing, you can trust that I mean it.

  • Don’t flatter yourself, and don’t brag. Unless your received a GPA of 3.5 or higher, there is no need to brag about your academic achievements in University. There is always someone out there with a higher GPA.

I have a degree in political science, which I attained from the University of Washington.

Do not write something like:

My GPA during university was a consistent 3.0, which equates to a 84%. I graduated from the University of Washington in the top 20 of my class. I also am slightly arrogant, and very pretentious.

  • Lastly, show gratitude for consideration. Though they are hiring, and hence need someone like you, by no means are they required to give you a job. Show that you care about joining their time by being sincere.

Once again, I am very excited about this opportunity, as I have always wanted to join a team like the one at RANDOM COMPANY. I am eagerly awaiting your response.

With a bit of luck, as well as some clever writing, you’re shoo-in for an interview. Best of luck to you!

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8 thoughts on “Gems You Must Have In Your Cover Letter

    1. I’m not sure the cover letter is the most appropriate place for that info. I think disclosing any infectious diseases should be done in very fine print at the bottom of the last page:)

  1. I just put all my certifications and publications at the top of the letter If I caught their eye, they will be mine

  2. When I was out there actively job hunting, I found that I needed to have sort of an assortment a different resumes and cover letters, it all depended on the type of job or positon or even the company I was applying to. It’s a good thing not to limit yourself to a generalized letter and/or resume, you should have a few of them ready for whatever might come your way. I’ve been in a position of mgmt and have read resumes and cover letters that were plainly ‘generic’ in format and content, those were pushed to the side in favor of the ones that were more specific the job the applicant was applying for… just a tip…

    1. I agree. You don’t prepare just one resume. You prepare a generic resume and custmize each one for the particular opening.
      I have 5 different resumes saved which can all be further customized if necessary.

  3. Curiously read, “I have a degree ON Political Science?” Should the correct wording be I have a degree IN Political Science. Not being
    snooty I just haven’t heard this stated this way.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that my wife used these tips and got an interview. Her interview is tomorrow.

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