Afilliate Marketing Introduction

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Hey everyone, This is the first series of post that will introduce internet marketing and how it’s possible to create a reliable, well balanced business out of selling products online.

The basis of Afiliate marketing is you are producing traffic, and then getting that traffic to convert on a specified niche. So if the product you are promoting is a Diet product, your job as an affiliate marketer is to get relevant traffic, send users to the product landing page and collect the profits.

Getting Started

Okay this post is just intended to get you guys ready for the upcoming guide, Affiliates usually take a few days to verify your account. You will need a few things to get started i have outlined these below for you.

Traffic Sources
PPC – Pay per click traffic [ AdWords ]
SEO Organic traffic

Products To Sell
HydraNetwork Affiliate Network

The next post will go over utilizing our traffic sources.

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  1. Is there any similar affiliate program like google’s adsense? What I mean is something which work on similar principle? thanks

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