Thinking Like a Business – Part Three

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The last point I’d like to address is that business is hard. Yes, the monetary and personal rewards can be immense, but neither of those things come for free or come without hard work and a serious commitment to the job of making the business grow and expand. Many people view their business as their baby, but I feel that label to be inappropriate. I see a business as a tool, a means by which personal and financial success can be achieved.

When I see a successful business I also see all of the hard work that went behind it, and what makes me laugh is when I see people parading around promoting multi-level-marketing schemes and proclaiming just how easy their program is. I’m not going to get into my opinions on multi-level-marketing or whether or not I feel it’s a legitimate business in this article, but I am going to say that it’s a guarantee that the people at the top of the MLM structure are also the ones that have worked the hardest.

Needless to say, two and two go together.

The concept of “easy money” is one that a lot of people are attracted to. I know that if I could find a way to replace my income with a method that required less emotional investment and less work I’d run with it, but that’s about as likely as purchasing a winning lottery ticket or finding a leprechaun that was willing to give me his pot’o’gold.

Business is hard. That’s something that will always remain true, regardless of the economic situation or societal preference at the time. What makes a successful entrepreneur is someone who’s willing to tackle that and conquer it. After all, I said business is hard, not impossible.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Like a Business – Part Three

  1. I enjoyed your series on “Thinking Like a Business”. It is so very true that hard work and dedication are the two main ingredients to building a successful business

  2. Plain and simple…there is no such thing as easy money. If somebody is selling you “instant results with no effort”, then he (or she) is lying through their teeth. While not all businesses require backbreaking work, you still need to put forth some effort to get the results you want.

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