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Energy Innovation Capital’s Role in the Yokogawa Acquisition


Energy Innovation Capital is an energy industry venture capital firm that works with industry entrepreneurs developing new technologies and business model advancements within the renewable energy sector. This article, discusses the recent acquisition of Fluence Analytics by Yokogawa and what this means for the future of the industry.

In the year 2023, one of the business team-ups to shake the energy and analytics industries was the acquisition of Fluence Analytics by international giant Yokogawa Electric Corporation. However, the involvement of Fluence Analytics’ investor and partner, Energy Innovation Capital was a large part of this business move.

The acquisition of Fluence Analytics by Yokogawa Electric Corporation would not have been possible without Energy Innovation Capital’s role in the success of the U.S. based company. According to experts at, an investor that is willing to commit to a company in Series A funding, like EIC’s investment in Fluence Energy, contributes greatly to the overall business strategy that leads to the company’s success.

Below, more on Energy Innovation Capital’s role in Fluence Analytics’ Acquisition by Yokogawa Electric Corporation by first getting to know each company involved. Through this process, an understanding of how important Energy Innovation Capital’s involvement in the Series A funding of Fluence Analytics ultimately led to this successful acquisition.

Energy Innovation Capital and the Fluence Analytics Acquisition

In order to best understand Energy Innovation Capital’s role in the recent acquisition of Fluence Analytics by Yokogawa, we must first cover all the companies which were involved in the business transaction. This way, an accurate analysis of the merger can be conducted!

Fluence Analytics

Fluence Analytics has been renowned since the year 2012 for leading the way in process control solutions and continuous analytics, mainly for biopharmaceutical and polymer industrial clients.

In fact, Fluence Analytics was so prominent in their field of industry that CB insights named the company as one of the Top 50 Global Advanced Manufacturing Startups in 2022! It is no wonder that a company like Yokogawa Electric Corporation became interested in acquiring the skills and assets Fluence Analytics brought to the table.

One of these assets was the ACOMP system that became Fluence Analytics’ most successful product. It is capable of delivering as much as 1 million U.S. dollars in value, especially now that Yokogawa’s global reach is added to the mix.

Energy Innovation Capital

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

The Yokogawa Electric Corporation is a company that offers electrical engineering throughout the world, as well as developing software. It is Japanese based and offers job opportunities to almost 20,000 employees.

The company is renowned for developing distributed control systems and has also been lauded for creating test and measurement instruments, flow meters, pressure transmitters, analyzers of oxygen, fieldbus instruments, advanced process control, and manufacturing execution systems.

Energy Innovation Capital

Finally, Energy Innovation Capital is a venture capital firm often known as EIC. Energy Innovation has invested in and partnered with Fluence Analytics thanks to the company’s ability to create products that put the priority on efficiency and the effective costs of manufacturing quality products.

In 2017, Energy Innovation Capital first invested in Fluence Analytics as the company acquired additional investors to raise their Series A. In fact, George Coyle, one of EIC’s managing partners, joined the board of directors of Fluence Analytics around this time.

The role that Energy Innovation Capital played in Fluence Analytics’ acquisition is arguably their willingness to invest in Fluence Analytics as early on in the company’s history as 2017. Not only was Energy Innovation Capital willing to support the startup financially, but they partnered their skill set with Fluence Analytics by contributing to the company’s board of directors.

This was enormously important for the future of the company. As previously stated, the first round of funding to a company like the one that took place for Fluence Analytics in 2017 is the one which brings on investors who will shape the corporate identity and productive business strategy of the company for the future.

Now, the investment has more than paid off thanks to Fluence Analytics’ ACOMP product catching the attention of global analytic and energy giant, Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if not for the investment offered by Energy Innovation Capital in the future of Fluence Analytics, the acquisition of Fluence Analytics by Yokogawa Electric Corporation in 2023 likely would not have been possible.

This is further evidenced by the CEO and Board Director of what is now Yokogawa Fluence Analytics’ post to LinkedIn, where Energy Innovation Capital is specifically thanked for its involvement. This was not only financial involvement, but the lending of skills, insight, and business support by adding partners of the energy lending firm to the board of directors.

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