Introducing Resume Makeovers

Resume Makeovers

Many of you may have read our Resume Makeover post where I give you a brief summary of what we’re introducing to Career Ramblings dot com. That post was also an introduction and thank you to all of our sponsors and top commentators. I thought I would give you a more in depth explanation of the Resume Makeover showing you how to write a resume.

Career Ramblings is a blog that caters to a wide range of readers. From students looking to start their careers, to seasoned professionals looking for a career change, to entrepreneurs looking for helpful tips, and to that person that simply wants to improve themselves personally and professionally. As Career Ramblings seeks to develop you as a professional, one thing that we are introducing to better serve our readers is the Resume Makeover. By providing this resume service and showing readers how to write a resume, we are catering to you, our new and our returning readers and helping you get one step closer to your personal goals. And after looking at some of your resumes, many of you can really use our help! :-)

We have had a lot of questions such as how to write a resume and a lot of people have submitted their resumes for us to critique. Since it is only John and I, we can’t get to them all right away, but we will get to as many as possible. We will select a resume to feature on Career Ramblings periodically. In order to help our readers learn how to write an amazing resume, we will do the following when showcasing your Resume Makeover on this site:

  1. Describe a little about the person and the field they are interested in
  2. The type of resume we are creating/using
  3. Changes made and why they were made
  4. Show you the before and after of the actual resume

Some of the benefits of having your resume showcased on Career Ramblings:

  1. Help you strengthen your representation of yourself to potential employers
  2. Provide you with a stronger resume
  3. Increase your self confidence when presenting your resume to others
  4. Have your resume on display to thousands of our weekly readers (including many prospective employers )

Now that I have explained a little more about the Resume Makeover feature on Career Ramblings, we will have our first Resume Makeover on display in the next day or two. For those of you interested in having us give you a Resume Makeover, want to find out how to write a resume, or would like to sponsor this feature, simply contact us and we’ll begin the process.

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6 thoughts on “Introducing Resume Makeovers

  1. Sounds an interesting idea, resume’s are always a sticking point for a lot of people, it will be interesting to see those that you post.
    I find there is less emphasis on resume’s them than there was in the past, I havent even been asked for one in the last two jobs I applied for as companies now seem to want everything in their own format, though if you want to approach a company not directly recruiting then they are indespensible.

    1. I think depending on the industry you are in, resumes or even portofilos maybe required. We’re excited to show some of the changes we have made to peoples’ resumes

  2. Eh, I used to be a killer resume writer but did not need it for the last little while… been nearly 1.5 years since I last submitted my resume.
    For me, my introduction to business people comes in these forms :
    1. referrals
    2. meetings (whether by random or through a warm-lead)
    3. marketing presentation
    Do marketing presentations/proposals qualify?

    1. You must have some sort of portfolio of some sorts that you show people your work (online, website, hard copy, etc.). This would be similar to a resume in that you get to show your wealth of experience through a medium.
      It’s great when you go by referrals and don’t need a resume. But you want to make sure you plan for the best, but prepare for the worst (keep that resume)

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