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I came across a very interesting analysis here about the top 20 sites we spend the most time on.? To no surprise, Myspace ranks head and shoulders above the rest.?The findings remind me of what seems to be a general principal in life that the top few always represent the majority of anything. For example, a previous post points out that the top 1% make up 40% of the worlds’ wealth; and the top 10% make up 85% of the worlds’ wealth.

The graph looks like this:

(note: Graph?gets cut off. Myspace is first with 11.9%)?

I am not surprised by Yahoo, MSN, eBay, Google, etc but I am surprised at Adult Friend Finder.? I know adult entertainment is a HUGE web business, but I would think there are better sites to view for that sort of entertainment than ADF.? I believe they pay their advertisers on an affiliate basis and their payout must be fairly high because it seems like every celebrity gossip blog in the world has a link to them.? If you’ve never seen them, they are the site that picks up your IP address and then fills in fake profiles of members that appear to match the city that you are in.? It must trick enough people into clicking and spending time on their site.

Other questions I have in reviewing this list are – why did Bank of America make it but no other bank did?? Same for Walmart.? What does Yahoo have that Google doesn’t that would rank them so much higher? Go.com is a surviver from the dot com days and it’s good to see them still alive.? I did not know they still had such a large following. Why?didn’t match.com?make the list?

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