How Did You Hear About Career Ramblings?


The Career Ramblings community of readers have given us great feedback and have been very interactive. This is the exact environment we were striving for when we started this site just 3 short months ago. We have a question for you – How did you first hear about Career Ramblings? Go ahead and take 30 seconds to leave us a comment about where you first heard about this blog. Thanks!

PS: This is an idea I got from Mitch Harper who we will try to bring to you via an interview for our Movers and Shakers series. Remember we interviewed Matt Coddington several weeks back? Take a look at how much his blog has grown since.

46 thoughts on “How Did You Hear About Career Ramblings?

  1. Google search. I was looking something up about careers and your site popped up. Now I’m a regular

    1. A friend told me about career info here…so I came and have been coming ever since.

  2. I searched for “career ramblings” on Google for some reason and got pushed here.

    1. Thanks for your comment Shawn. Google has been sending us about 25% of our traffic in the last few weeks. We’re glad you found our site.

  3. i ain’t gonna lie . . i was at John Chow’s site and saw Jane’s MBL pic . .

  4. I honestly have no clue. It was either from clicking Jane’s name from a comment @ NBB or John Chow dot com.

    1. That comment didn’t really make sense did it? If I have no clue how could I narrow it down to two possibilities! What I meant was I have no clue which of the possibilities was what happened

  5. i’m pretty sure i saw jane’s pic on mybloglog. i don’t see too many ladies up in the blogosphere, so I try to find as many as i can

  6. John Chow.
    I see you have installed ContentLink, keep us posted on how it’s doing for you!
    – Scot

    1. We are going to launch another site soon speaking on exactly this topic among others…stay tuned.

  7. I find most blogs I go to in the comments sections of other blogs.
    As for CR … I think that Jane’s mad commenting skills that’ve earned her “top commentor” accolades around the sphere got me here.

    1. Jane does possess mad commenting skillz. That is how I first came across – I saw Jane at the top of JC’s Top Commentators list for weeks on end. At the time, my thought process was, “women blog too?”

  8. Nope it didn’t make sense. It takes a real man to admit he doesn’t make sense once in a while. Good on ya m8.

  9. I heard about it from JC as well. He was rambling about your ramblings so I came here to see what the fuss was all about.
    Then I entered that banner competition too late, but still keep coming back.

  10. I believe Chow’s site is what led me here initially, probably through Jane’s mad commenting skills!

  11. You left a comment on my blog.
    This was back before you changed domain names! Remember those days? When you had to use carrier pigeons?

  12. I saw this hot girl’s face on John Chow’s website, in the comments where the MyBlogLog icons come up. I got curious so I clicked it and I ended up here.
    That hottie was Jane May, it turns out.

    1. Sure, a lot of people have. Just be sure to link us on that review
      (Comments wont nest below this level)

  13. LOL…I knew I would drop some jaws by not just being on the list, but being at the top.
    Then things got out of control and now the 5 day cycle requires a little more time than a 30 day cycle.

  14. I too saw this hot girl’s face on MyBlogLog. I’m a typical male, of course I had to click and see who it was

  15. I found you on I believe he mentioned you in one of his posts and then I started to see you in the top commentators section. Glad I spotted you, seems that 90% of the readers on are just looking for some linkbait and duplicating his blog exactly.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Yeah, although I have found some great bloggers with original content. That’s what we try to do…be original

  16. Research regarding how personal Web sites and blogs help or hinder career marketability for those in management who want to stay working in Corporate America.

  17. I saw a comment you posted on someone else’s blog and decided to check it out.

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