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Earn My Degree dot com has asked us to review their website. Since many of our readers have probably considered researching online colleges or taking online classes, I thought this would be a good match for us to review.

At first glance EarnMyDegree has a lot of links on their home page, but it is actually much easier to navigate than you think. The site is very well organized, given the amount of information selecting an online college involves. They allow users to search by degree level, subject, school, program, and location. The best feature of the site is that they provide a concise review of 59 colleges including most of the major online universities such as Kaplan, University of Phoenix and AIU Online; as well as Ivy League schools such as eCornell University.

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My Search

My main interest lies in MBA programs so I began my search by clicking on Degree Level and proceeding to MBA Degree Programs. They provided me with a good, simple overview of what an MBA entails and then had links to all the different MBA programs that offer the degree. The last step is they display the specific schools that offer the MBA I was interested in. Within 3 clicks I was able to see a list of all the schools that offer the MBA program I am interested in. It doesn’t get any easier than that. The organization and ease of navigation are the strongest features of Earn My Degree. This is a good site to go to as a first step in your online college search and I highly recommend you navigate around their site.

Learning Center

Aside from information about many online schools, EarnMyDegree also has a learning center with many popular topics (such as Guide to Online Education) addressed on one easy-to-follow page. My favorites were Online Colleges vs Traditional Schools, Job Earnings for College Graduates, and Fastest Growing Jobs.

Overall Earn My Degree is a good learning resource for those with an interest or questions about online schools.

*Disclaimer: Although this is a requested review, we DO NOT review any websites we would not or do not personally use.

9 thoughts on “Earn My Degree – Learn About Online Colleges

  1. I’ve been thinking about going back to school, but quitting my job isn’t an option, so I’ve been researching some schools online. This site really opened my eyes up to a bunch of new options. Thanks for the Review John!

  2. I just happened to be in the market for this type of information! Thanks a lot John! The site you’ve reviewed is great.

  3. I’ve been looking at online college courses myself, getting that urge to back to school now that I have had kids an all, I’m speaking like a woman and I’m a man….yeah, got an early start in life in that department.

  4. My biggest concern every time I see anything about online degree is the ‘Diploma Mill’. That’s why when I saw this post my first reaction was to go to google the words and search for ‘diploma mill’. Guess what? The second on the list that came up was ‘eLearners.com’. At least that took away my allergy to this site since they also provide their readers with the information about this fradulent activities on the internet.

    1. Yeah you have to be very careful, a lot are a complete scam, but some are genuine.
      Employers are wary of online degree’s too, so finding one you can demonstrate to be “legitimate” is important.

  5. I wouldnt’ mind doing night school at SFU in Vancouver downtown.. that would be fun!

  6. I reviewed these guys a month or so back, I you may enjoy some “fringe benefits” in terms of traffic for a couple of weeks

  7. Nice review, if i would not notice the last paragraph i would request a review for my sites English section:)

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