What NOT To Do In Interviews


Jane and I have been posting a lot recently about interview skills and resume writing. To further explore interview skills and to get a laugh this Friday morning, I thought I’d include a short Borat video on what NOT to do in an interview.

WPvideo 1.10

Borat at Job Interview in US and A!

1 thought on “What NOT To Do In Interviews

  1. 2 common thing staht peolpe forget in an MBA admission interview
    1) Not timing yourself: Many candidates overlook
    this singular most important aspect. Its not just
    about a time limit to the overall Personal Interview
    but timing your repsonses to keep it curt and
    relevant. It is a fact that the average retention of the
    human mind is 2 minutes of what you said. Same
    applies to the panel
    2) Watch the body language: Hands to yourself. Do
    not make the mistake of touching a candidate in an
    attempt to quieten him/her. You will get automatic
    negative points. It is OK to emphasize points with
    your hand but never to touch a candidate. Always
    watch how you use your body to talk in front of a
    mirror to know whether you appear composed or a
    juggling clown.
    There are always some overlooked things that can result in your strong beginning or early end. Learn more about common mistakes to avoid for the CAT GD/PI preparation

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