Seven Steps To Get A Jump Start On Your Taxes


Now that most people are receiving their tax forms from various employers and companies, it’s time to start squaring away your taxes. Earlier is better when it comes to working on your taxes. As a taxpayers, you are encouraged to get a head start on tax preparation, especially since early filers avoid the last-minute rush and get their refunds sooner.

That alone is incentive for me to get started.

Here are seven easy ways to get a good jump on your taxes:

  1. Gather Your Records in Advance: Make sure you have all the records you need, including W-2s and 1099s. Don’t forget to save a copy for your files.
  2. Get the Right Forms: They’re available around the clock on the IRS Website.
  3. Take Your Time: Don’t forget to make time for a coffee break when filling out your tax return, since rushing can cause you to make mistakes.
  4. Double-Check Your Math and Verify All Social Security Numbers: These are among the most common errors found on tax returns. Taking care will reduce your chance of hearing from the IRS and speed up your refund.
  5. Get the Fastest Refund: When you file early, you receive your refund faster. When you choose direct deposit, you receive your refund sooner than waiting for a check.
  6. E-Filing Is Easy: E-filing catches math problems, provides confirmation your return has been received and gives you a faster refund.
  7. Don’t Panic: If you have a problem or question, remember the IRS is there to help. Try the IRS Web site, or call the IRS customer service number at 800-829-1040.

Rich Dad Says: “Maximize your return potential and take your time.”

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3 thoughts on “Seven Steps To Get A Jump Start On Your Taxes

  1. Hey,
    Well done. Thanks for sharing this important information that everyone of us should know. Just received my T4 (Canada). I’m gonna get on the tax filing right away. Thanks again.

  2. Jas,
    Thanks for the feedack. Canada does run a bit differently with the forms used, but glad to see you’re getting a head start.
    Best of luck!

  3. preparation tax…
    Hi. Very nice blog. I\’ve been reading your other entries all day….

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