Greetings To All Our New Visitors


If you are visiting us for the first time, I would like to welcome you and thank you for taking a few moments to visit our site. If you are a returning friend, thank you too for continuing to support us as we are creating a network of readers, providing helpful material, and helpful services to those that are willing to use them.

After a long 3 day weekend we are back to continue are regularly scheduled posts. I say back because John just got back from a 3 day “business trip” and I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to promote this site. Currently, one of our biggest supporters is Netscape. Since last Friday, viewers from Netscape have shown us a lot of love having approximately 650 visitors each day…Thanks guys and gals. This is great news, considering it was a long 3 day weekend and many people travel or do things around the house.

I also would like to acknowledge and commend John Chow for the opportunities he provides his readers. He has had two major opportunities (and is currently conducting give-away competitions for adding him as a favorite on Technorati) over the past couple months for blogs to receive links from him. The first was to review his site by December 26th to get a backlink from him. Believe it or not, a backlink from Chow really helps a new start-up site or one that is having low traffic. The second opportunity is to be amongst the top commentators on his site. I’ve been reading John Chow for about 5 months now and over the weekend I decided to be a more active participant on his site. I spent all of Saturday reading his posts, a good 12 months worth, and wrote comments on those I found interesting. I ended the weekend by leaving 61 comments on his site and being the top commentator. I know, you are probably thinking doesn’t this girl have a life? But I’ve learned two things since starting this site. Hard work will show results and direction will show better results. So our direction is to increase traffic so that we can tell as many people as possible ways to improve their lives, careers, and not to mention their assets.

Other sites that I have been trying to be an active part of are Steve Pavlina, Tyler Cruz, Ramblings From The Marginalized, and MyBlogLog. If you haven’t seen these sites before, I would recommend a visit. They are all unique in what they blog about and all are very informative. MyBlogLog is the only one that is not a blog, but a community of bloggers. Let us know what you think.

Again, welcome to the site! We are in the infant stages of our creation and would appreciate any feedback (positive or constructive) as we continue to grow.

We hope to see you soon!!!

3 thoughts on “Greetings To All Our New Visitors

  1. Hi Jane,
    stumbled onto your blog through MyBlogLog. Nice site. Keep up the good work.
    Warm regards from Munich,

  2. Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for stopping by. Munich, wow, that just shows you how small the world can be with the touch of your keyboard. I’ll look for you on MyBlogLog.

  3. Hi Jane, bright, sunny, crisp and cold on the other side of the world. Good isn’t it the interweb thing?

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