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Our intentions with Career Ramblings have always been to provide helpful career resources for our readers, regardless of what stage in your career you are in or in what industry you are in. There are times when our efforts are rewarded. And I don’t mean rewarded financially (although not frowned upon), but rewarded when readers tell us of the impact we have had in their careers and lives. To know you have made a difference to someone through something as simple as a blog, where your thoughts are conveyed through a keyboard and monitor. It’s amazing at how much of an impact your thoughts can have without even speaking to a person.

I bring this all up because I recently received a message from one of our readers. She had requested a resume makeover, but unfortunately I was on my way to Orlando, FL and was unable to get to it. Upon my return, I checked my Netscape inbox with the following message:

Hiya Jane,
I thought you’d be happy to know that yesterday I interviewed for a job in an animal hospital, as reception, and today they offered me the job. I start next week! I wanted to thank you personally because Career Ramblings was a BIG help in preparing for my interview, with all the interview questions and tips. So thanks so much for the great resource and all your help and encouragement. Not just with me but with others as well! Reading over your comments and suggestions to other people also helped me a lot – to put things in perspective. Big hugs of appreciation from me, Jane and I hope you & your loved ones are doing well. Thanks again …

First, I want to thank Nonie and all of our readers that have gotten something from Career Ramblings dot com. Second, I want to thank our top commentators. If you haven’t already, please pay them a visit, they have also helped make this site such a great resource to people with their insightful, yet funny comments.

To all the bloggers out there, if you were to get a message like the one Nonie sent me from one of your readers, how would you feel? I bet it would affirm what you’re doing and the reasons you are doing it for. It’s easy to say you’re blogging to make money, but unless you’re blogging about your passion, most blogs won’t last. Because of the determination and hard work needed to maintain a blog, blogging about something you love should be easy.

11 thoughts on “One Happy Career Ramblings Reader

  1. Hi, I found your site because you commented on a post on about my site (if that makes any sense).
    I have a hard time finding jobs because I do not have the “experience” that employers want. However, I do have the skills that they need and have demonstrated them for about 6-7 years on my own projects. The experience that I do have (1 year actually working for a company), is never enough for the job descriptions. Should I apply anyway or is a waste of time? Any advice for me?

    1. In your case, I would use a functional resume where you focus on your esperience that you have from the projects you have done. If a project you did for a company was different from another company, I would use that as consulting experience, make sense?
      You need to find a way to highlight the different experiences with each project to match what they are looking for in the minimum and desired requirements. Send me your resume and I can give you some feedback.
      I wouldn’t let that turn you away from applying.

      1. I’m only 21 years old, highschool education only, 1yr and 4mths in my field of business (design marketing web etc.) and another year in a corporate job (and before that are simple part time jobs in highschool etc) and I get job offers and contracts constantly. I don’t even have a resume. Why is that? I’m always bold and confident that I can out-perform older more educated people.
        Try to use peopel you know, and also be much more bold and confident when you meet people. It’s about your confidence, presentation, and first impressions.
        Also, job search agencies can help fasttrack your career.

  2. Hey wahts with the header image?
    That image is used by other bloggers, mainly chris gill… it just seems repetitive.

    1. It is repetitive! This was the stock header that came with this theme. For some reason a few hours ago our normal banner just vanished and this template header came in its place…not sure what the problem is yet, but trying to figure it out.

      1. AHHHHH!!! Back to normal, I have to thank Nate Whitehill for that one…pay him a visit and say thanks (

  3. CR is truly a consistent and enlightening collection of thoughtful advice about all aspects of career development and life in general. Congrats to John and Jane – you guys have put together a wonderful community and you deserve all of your success plus much more to come!

  4. I noticed some inconsistencies/errors when you have multiple theme designs.. Might be a wordpress glitch that nobody’s figured out yet. i had a situation where WordPress simply reverted to the old design folder, and the new one was not workign properly… had to back it up, re-upload the tehme. Worked..

    1. You’re scaring me…i might need to back it up again fairly soon.
      (Comments wont nest below this level)

  5. There’s always a lot of satisfaction when you put it out there and it helps someone in a big way. It makes all worthwhile!

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