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Our motto at Career Ramblings is: “If you ask, you shall receive.” After receiving numerous requests to integrate a newsletter sign up list, we have finally done so on the very top of our sidebar. Our Newsletter is free and we will send you an issue about once a month. Obviously we don’t want to annoy you with repetitive emails so the monthly newsletter will have only our best content and information you can’t find on the site. Please join our growing community and stay in contact with us via our Newsletter sign up.

You can also find our Newsletter sign up at the bottom of our Top Articles page which is a very valuable resource.

7 thoughts on “Career Ramblings Newsletter

    1. Thanks Gary. We’ve gotten a great response so far. We’re putting together our first newsletter as we speak. Stay tuned

  1. Would you mind please telling a fellow webmaster what php / database / program was used for the newsletter?

    1. I second that question.
      I have looked into this before for my own needs and found these three options to be good free stand-alone solutions for email newsletter software:
      • Pommo
      • PHPlist
      • Dada Mail
      But I was also wondering what was being used here because if Jane and John have found some workable solution that can be integrated into WordPress that would be of interest. From my quick browse through the WordPress plugin directories, no mail newsletter solutions stood out as specifically outstanding candidates. So your experiences with this would be insightful.
      Keep up the great work with this site.

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