Your Tax Dollars Swallowed By U.S. Budget


Everyone hates paying taxes! Especially when you don’t know where in the world those hard earned tax dollars go. Who does it help? Where does it all go? Is it paying someone to do something? Well, The U.S. government has a specific process of where all of those billions of dollars in taxes it collects actually go. The United States of America 2008 Federal Discretionary Budget is 1075 Billion dollars. Now that’s a heck of lot of money to be coming from mostly tax dollars. But what I find interesting is the amount of money that goes to the Military (as you can see from the screen shot below).

Of that 1075 billion dollar budget, 717 billion is being set aside for military and national security funding. That is 67% of the total U.S. budget going to support our national defensive. I find this interesting because of all the other issues and note worthy areas that some of this funding could or should be going towards.

Career Ramblings Shows U.S. Discretionary Budget

Since this is only a screen shot of the heart of a much bigger and intricate graph, I will link you to the actual graph so that you can zoom in and see the different areas of the budget. The graph is entitled Death and Taxes: a visual guide to where your federal tax dollars go. This graph will show you each branch that the funding will be allocated to. Be sure to zoom in to read the details.

I would be interested to hear where you think your tax dollars should be spent.

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18 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars Swallowed By U.S. Budget

  1. 2 options:
    1. Vote out anyone who approves the budget. Or who jumped on board to approve the last one.
    2. Buy Halliburton stock

  2. The National Defense is the only activity required by the Constitution. Get rid of all other the other Socialist spending and we can balance the budget and pay off our national debt.

    1. education, who needs it.
      goat herding is something we can all pick up. now where’s the pasture?
      whatever, we really need those weapons of mass destruction, it’s getting difficult to find good pasture land, not to mention a running stream. let’s make certain we keep our priorities straight

  3. With a government that allows Gucci Gulch to exist and that sends billions to countries for no good reason and allows an enormous blood sucking pentagon that needs to create new enemies to exist what do you want or expect?
    The government can always print money and create some other bubble for some quick cash.
    No wonder some countries are moving away from the U.S. bond market and dollar denominated assets and the consequent dollar depreciation.
    Bush/ Cheney administration might turn the dollar into toilet paper if they don’t get their way.
    I certainly hope that doesn’t happen but no use asking if your tax dollars are well spent with a government who believes there’s a sucker
    born every minute.

    1. I would much rather see my tax dollars going toward “socialized spending” than I would to support the Military Industrial Complex. The Pentagon is indeed a blood sucking monster.

  4. This is BS. 100% of your tax dollars go to the banking cartels run by the Rothchilds, Builderbergers, Rockerfellers, etc. Mr. Fred Mertz is correct. Follow his advise

    1. Ah, no it’s not B.S. that 100% of our tax dollars go to the banking cartels. We have a few trillion dollar deficit. That deficit is 100% credit we like to think of as dollars that is constantly printed by the FED out of thin air. We are always going to be paying the FED with our income tax dollars until the budget is at zero and the FED is no longer in existence.

  5. Look, we all know that the Govt. is going to continue to B.S. us about where our tax dollars really go. We all know they’re going to try to cheat us out of as much as they can possibly get away with. All I’m saying is if they continue with the status quo in that they conintue with way things are such as lying to us about where our tax money goes, out sourcing our GOOD PAYING JOBS ( jobs that pay us more than minimum wage) and passing laws that whittle our freedoms down little by little, they (meaning the representatives of the govt) will eventually have another civil war. This time it will be a civil war between the haves and have nots.
    So what I’m proposing is this. Once in a while give the citizens of the US a bonus. Like some corporations use to do with good working employees. Throw us a bone once in a while to keep us happy and somewhat docile. There’s only around 3 or 4 hundred million of us here in the US. Come on…. Bill Gates could give us each a mill and not even miss it as it’s just pocket change to him. So to our Govt. could give us a bonus back for the hard working citizens we are. Every five years the Govt. gives us each one million dollars to spend as we like. Eveyone is happy. The spending index is out the roof. Retails stores are just beside themselves. The US citizens love their Govt. no matter who’s in office. US citizens are able to buy things they never thought they could afford.
    After a year and the spending is done. Everyone that was on welfare can get back on welfare. Everyone that was at work can start cussing again because their supervisor is on their respective butt’s, The Govt can start trying to cheat it’s citizens again and the citizens of the US can start yelling at their congressmen again. All is happy once again in the US borders. Life is as it once was. Oh yeah and the tax man can tax their citizens for each making a million dollars for that year. Exactly how much tax can the Govt collect off a million dollars??

  6. What a load of shit.
    I grew up in Korea, and I remember having a debate about how horrible it is that 10% of our national taxes are spent on military funding because of the North Korea situation. They kept saying how much budget can be diverted to “better” things if north and south made peace.
    I guess the Koreans feel fortunate now, compared to this.
    But of course the US won’t allow this, and won’t pull out their military base in South Korea and keep the hostility up.
    I still remember how the Pentagon forced South Korea to purchase the left-over F14s or whatever old jets they have as the new model was beign made (F22?), with threats of sanctions if they do not comply with US requests to beef up their security by purchasing this stuff. But of course we were planning on buying the new ones (korea has some money) and that got screwed.. we ended up with the old school jets.

    1. So the USA should pull all military and all support from South Korea.. I agree.
      Let the S Koreans and Japanese try to stave off the NK army as it sweeps south..
      One less giant drain on the US economy..
      And one less bunch of whiny babies depending on the USA to keep them free, while they are busy hating us.

  7. That was a great post. It’s really amazing to see where all that money goes each year.

  8. In my country taxes are huge, when i want to buy something, the cost will almost doubled with taxes.

  9. The US Constitution allows federal spending for
    1. Miliatry
    2. Federal Court system to resolve disputes between states ONLY
    3. Roads and Post Roads
    4. Delivery of Mail
    All the rest of this superfulious BS (HEW, NEA, NPR, Etc) can go away period.. And take most of the socialist welfare state crybabies of the Democrat party with them.

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