Three Reasons Why Change is Good, and Reasons Why Change is Bad


So after a huge mash up of my business I’m forced to sit down and completely rethink everything, from product planning to marketing (and literally everything in between). At first I was quite upset by all of this and was finding it hard to think clearly, but then I realized that this change, though solely responsible for the loss of thousands of dollars, will allow me to develop a new business model that will propel me far into the new decade.

Change is good.

Thus, as a motivational tool, I’ve decided to come up with a list of reasons why change is good and why its bad. Everyone needs to keep in mind that change is something that is inevitable, and regardless your feelings towards change it will occur at some point (eventually).

Good Things About Change:

  • It Creates Opportunities – As new technology emerges and various markets develop new opportunities for profit will arise. Taking advantage of these situations creates millions of dollars and can propel you from no one to someone (at least in a financial sense). Think of those who realized that domain names were the next evolution of real estate- domaining is now one of the biggest revenue producers on the internet.
  • It Keeps People at the Top of Their Game – Without change we’d still be driving fuel guzzling behomeths that are overweight and underpowered. Without change our operating systems would crash randomly (okay, more frequently than they already do). Without change there would be no evolution, no innovation, and no new ideas.
  • Anyone Can Cause It – Google was founded by two people who weren’t millionaires or even thousandaires. Look where Google (and its founders) are today. Who says that can’t be you?

Bad Things About Change:
I can’t think of any, can you? At the end of the day, we all have to face it in one form or another, so perhaps its best to simply accept the things we cannot change and inspire those that we can. Hey, there’s a good quote ;)

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4 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why Change is Good, and Reasons Why Change is Bad

  1. It is a good point that change is inevitable. Many times, we cannot choose change, but must make the decision of whether or not we roll with it or fight it. However, we also will come across opportunities to create change. It is during those times that we must make sure some sense is applied to the change.

  2. I agree that change is a great way to help you rethink and find better ways of doing business. But sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt.
    For instance, I had a majority of my income wiped out by a change to one of the search engines. While I understand the importance of learning from each situation, it can be frustrating when the change comes unexpected.

    1. I feel you on this one. Google changed their algorithm and took out my SE rankings. Talk about annoying.

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