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Etiquette is a very important part of your successful interview. It is true that good knowledge in subject matter, interpersonal skills and past experience will count most at a job interview, but you can’t ignore the interview etiquette, for they are the indications of your character.

Interview etiquette is all about being well mannered and respectful of the interviewer. Dictionary says etiquettes are the rules governing socially acceptable behaviors. It begins to show from how you choose to enter the room. The guidelines discussed here help improve your etiquette and perform with excellence in your next interview.

  1. Don’t walk straight into the room without permission, even asking permission by peeking your head inside is not good manners. You can knock first or wait for the door man or receptionist to show you in.
  2. Interview warrants formal attire. However casually you may dress outside, office dressings are still formal for both men and women. Do up your hair, shine your shoes and wear pressed business suits. Women can wear skirts but restrict the skirt at knee level to be conservative.
  3. Greeting the interviewer with a smile pleases them. Be the first to greet them with an assertive handshake. Assertive does not mean you can be aggressive, for it can take an interviewer aback. While shaking hands, you can bend forward so much as to indicate you respect them. Over doing that may work elsewhere but not in a global context.
  4. Thank them for offering you the seat. You can sit in what is known as semi-casual position. You may also cross your legs at knees but never on another knee. This may be seen by them as arrogance. Also, remember not to shake your feet or legs through the interview.
  5. Accept their business card with a thank you and study it for a while. Stuffing it in your pocket immediately shows disregard for the person.
  6. Monopolizing the conversation, making rude remarks or sitting mum at the interview or lunch are all behaviors on the extreme side. While you are expected to behave within limits, sitting silently does not bode well either.
  7. Make the best of the opportunity to talk about yourself. But limit your talk to touch upon the area which benefits the employer. Talking about your personal hobbies too much is out of context.
  8. Arguing or discussing salary in the beginning is not seen as ethical. If asked, just touch upon it and excuse revisiting it later. I personally like to have the employer throw ou the first number.
  9. Thank them at the end of the interview, asking when they can get back to you or whether they like would like you to get in touch with them. Plain thank would signal your disinterest in the job.

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  1. Thank you for this article. I went to business college, awhile ago, and it is always good to refresh ones memory. Sincerely Jennifer, va

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