4 Steps To Your Successful Home Remodel

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As a follow up to our well received post on how to remodel your home the right way, we’d like to bring you 4 easy steps for a successful remodel.

  1. Be Realistic About How Long It Will Take. Often times projects take twice as long as you originally planned.
  2. Expect The Unexpected. Experts recommend setting aside at least 20% of the total cost in case the project goes over budget.
  3. Maintain Strong Communication. Be sure to consistently communicate with your contracter at least once a week. Demand that they give you face-to-face updates.
  4. Don’t Pay The Full Amount Upfront. Experts recommend holding back 10% of the fees until you conduct the final inspection.

As simple as these steps sound, they are very important.� Be sure to stay organized when tackling such an important project and keep these 4 steps at the forefront of your mind.

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  1. Two things:
    1) Have you considered breaking the home improvement content off into a new blog?
    2) Where did you get the nifty Netscape plugin?

  2. Hey Steve,
    1. We don’t have enough home improvement content to sustain it’s own blog. I believe that the way to grow a successful blog is through updating often with unique material. That would be hard with only several posts.
    2. I forget where we got the plugin from. I’ll look it up later today and get back to you on that one.
    Thanks for the feedback! It always helps.

  3. It’s not too difficult to get this post into the Career Ramblings staple of on-topic content:
    5. Interview your contractors. Get good references.

  4. You shouldn’t forget about the material used and evaluating durability vs pricing and if it is a sound investment. Take steel buildings for example.

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