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This month has been a busy month for John and myself as the?amount of resumes we have been asked to critique has been amazing.? There must be a job fair coming up or something.? Actually, there is in the Long Beach, CA?area for students at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).? They have the Meet the Industry Expo??next week, which is a job fair specifically for Business students at CSULB.? It’s a good opportunity for them to meet companies such as Ameriprise Financial Services, Bank of America, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Target.? Tomorrow is the resume deadline for all students wanting to include their resumes in the MIE Book that all employers will receive.??You know these are college students because?they?love to procrastinate.??They have waited?until the last minute to?bombard us?with requests for resume critiques.

As you may or may not recall, December 1st, 2006?was the day we received Our First Resume Request.???That’s about the time when Career Ramblings?was getting about 75-100 readers a day.? I almost forgot how few people would come to our site for helpful resources like Negotiating, Researching Companies, Resume Tips, Interview Etiquette, and soon to come, Amazing Cover Letters.? In deed, Career Ramblings has developed into a growing network, wonderful resources and a interactive atmosphere.? Some of those that have contributed to our popularity are our readers, top commentators and advertisers.? I’d like to take this time to thank all of you for your participation and engagement with us.? Please pay our advertisers and top commentators a visit, let them know Jane sent you ;-)


  1. Dax Desai of Dax Desai dot com who touches on topics such as marketing, finance, as well as business brokerage.

  2. Pharmboard of Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs provides helpful information and advice on landing sales jobs.? They are also hosting a contest Win A Free iPod Shuffle From PharmBoard.? All you have to do is read any article and leave your comments below that article.? Easy enough huh!? Whomever has the most comments by the end of April wins.? It’s essentially a top commentator contest for an iPod Shuffle.

Top Commentators

  1. Shane from Zoom Start

  2. Saman from Samanathon dot com? (I know the Sandman will make his way to the top of the Parmboard commentator board to win the iPod as he is known for doing oh so regularly on Chow’s site :P )

  3. Jeff Kee from Jeff Key Consulting?(Jeff’s Blog of the Week featured Career Ramblings.? Take a look at his review and tell me what you think)

  4. Jez from How To Get A First Class Degree

  5. Ali from Everybody Go To

  6. Gary Lee from MrGaryLee dot com

  7. More Merchant of More Merchant dot com

  8. HMTKSteve from HMTK dot com?(I just gave Steve a resume makeover.? You’ll read more about it in the days to come)

  9. Michael Kwan from Michael Kwan dot com

  10. Mark from Tech Zoogle

Lastly, I would like to thank John Chow, the root of all evil, for not wanting to beat up on a girl, and recommending everyone from his site to vote for me on derrich’s march madness tournament?(which if you go to derrich’s site, you will see we won the tournament, thanks for having us derrich).

In the near future, we will have a few sample resumes?posted to show you what a Career Ramblings Resume Make Over can look like.? Who knows, you may want us to look at your resume next.? But just to warn you, there is a line building up.? But?getting in on our low?sponsorship ?promotion might just get you to the front of the line :-)


13 thoughts on “Resume Makeover

  1. Great work on the site and in the words of the Terminator…
    /start austrian accent
    I’ll be back!
    /end accent

  2. Thanks for the mention of PharmBoard Jane. A couple of requests . . .
    It’s PharmBoard (as in Pharmaceutical), not Farmboard.
    The iPod Shuffle giveaway is just my version of a top commentators contest. The contest is for ALL posts on the site, not just the one announcing the contest.
    Thanks again!

    1. Ryan,
      Not a problem. One of the many perks you get for being a sponsor on Career Ramblings
      Changes have been made, I don’t know what I was thinking…my apologies!

  3. I look forward to seeing your resume round-up critique. I used to consider my resume as a formality to get an interview but with resumes being read by computer programs and increasing competition your resume could be more powerful.

    1. Should be a good one. I’m still thinking about what angle I want to approach this one by. Technology has made big difference in today’s job search. But as I tell all the people I work with, you want to have many different resumes, one for each job you apply for (they should be specific to the job, and another for computer programs to read.

  4. I think there is a slight employment rise this month after the low dip in 2 years in February. Good for everyone that I guess

  5. Thanks for the mention Jane. I’m just glad you write a lot of great posts that are well worth commenting on.
    And congrats again on cleaning up at derrich’s March Madness Tourney. You and John have done a great job with CR and the win is well deserved.

    1. What do you mean by technical resume. Do you mean a resume for a position such as programmer or webmaster?

  6. Thanks for the link Jane! Just as a reminder to any readers, I also have my blog set up at

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